What Subjects are Needed to Study Accounting

Get all the information you need about our Accounting Courses below. Study with us and take the first step into being a successful accountant today.

No matter the industry, accounting professionals have always been in demand. Here’s your chance to get a piece of the action. Want to know what subjects are needed to study accounting? Read on below and take the first step in starting a career in this thriving industry.

Subjects are Needed to Study Accounting

Want to study Accounting? Then you will be happy to know that you do not need any prior subjects or skills to enrol in our Accounting courses. All the skills you need to have a successful accounting career, can be learnt through our courses. 

The subjects in our accounting courses cover all topics. Each course will teach you the basic knowledge and skills needed to  complete your course.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for our accounting courses are quite simple. You don’t even need a matric certificate to study accounting courses with us. All you need to register is:

  • Your grade 10
  • The ability to read, write and understand English

Accounting Courses Offered

We offer some of the most sought after accounting courses in the country. These courses aim to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in your field. 

Institute for Certified Bookkeepers

We offer accredited ICB Courses. This means that they are certified by the QCTO, an independent accreditation body. This gives you a better chance of becoming employed in the field of finance. These ICB Accounting courses are:

Financial Accounting Courses

Become the most skilled financial accountant with our ICB Financial Accounting Courses. These courses will teach you the accounting skills you need to be successful in any business. Learn about various topics such as dealing with financial statements and taxes.

Public Sector Accounting Courses

Dive into the finances of your local government and the public sector with our ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses. Here you will learn how to manage the finance of resources in the public sector. 

Other ICB Courses include:

Business Management – Learn the tricks of the trade. Do this with our ICB Business Management Courses. You will gain all the knowledge and skills you need on how to successfully manage a business.

Office Administration – Manage your office space with our ICB Office Administration Courses. There are many skills you will learn through this course. Some include time management skills and how to work with financial statements.

Entrepreneurship – Want to start your own business? Our ICB Entrepreneurship course will help you do just that. Here you will learn how to work with budgets, HR skills as well as how to manage projects.


Bookkeeping Courses

A lot of people see bookkeeping and accounting as the same thing. Yet there is a difference between the two. Bookkeeping is one of the strands in accounting. It mainly focuses on recording the financial transactions of a business. Accounting goes much deeper than that. Accounting summarises, reports, records and analyses the financial transactions and data.

Interested in becoming a bookkeeper in the accounting field? We offer the following bookkeeping courses:

Study Without Matric


Not only are you able to study accounting without matric. We offer many courses you can study without your matric certificate. We offer provider programmes. This will help you gain valuable knowledge and enhance your skills. The only entry requirement is being able to read, write and understand English.

Get Your Matric


There is no matric needed to complete our accounting courses. Yet you can still complete your matric with us. We offer programmes in which you can achieve your matric, all from the comfort of your home. 

Matric Upgrade –  Didn’t do well during matric? Here’s the opportunity to improve your matric results. Redo your subjects with us and get a better pass rate, furthering your education.

Adult Matric – Didn’t have the opportunity to complete your matric certificate in the past? Here’s your chance to get your matric. You can choose the subjects related to the field which you would like to study further. Or to the career you would like to pursue.

To enrol, you need to be 21 years and older, and have the ability to read, write and understand English.

Benefits of Studying Accounting With us


Want to study accounting through distance learning? Here you will get the skills needed to be an accountant plus many benefits of studying with us. These include:

  • Study where you want, when you want
  • No credit checks 
  • Pay only for the months studied 
  • Course material sent via email

Become a Skilled Accountant Today


Start your journey as a successful accountant with us. Contact us today and one of our course consultants will help you start the process. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in this registration form 
  • Chat to us on Whatsapp 082 318 8892

People Also Ask

For accounting, you typically need a good grasp of basic mathematics, including algebra and statistics. Understanding these concepts is crucial for managing financial records and analysing financial data effectively.

Yes, you can pursue accounting with Maths Literacy. While higher-level maths can be beneficial, the fundamental mathematical skills required for accounting are covered in Maths Literacy.

The easiest field in accounting can vary based on individual strengths, but many find bookkeeping to be more straightforward. It involves less complex tasks compared to other accounting fields, focusing on recording financial transactions.

Comparing the difficulty of accounting and economics depends on personal aptitude and interest. Some find accounting more straightforward due to its structured, rule-based nature, while others may find economics easier due to its theoretical and conceptual approach.

If you struggle with maths, accounting might be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Accounting involves basic to moderate maths, and with practice and understanding of key concepts, you can succeed in this field.

Last Updated: 21 December 2023



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