What are the Educare Subjects?

Here is a table that maps out the subjects you will have during the course of the Educare N4-N6:

Educare N4

Educare N5

Educare N6

Educare Didactics

Educare Didactics

Educare Didactics

Child Health

Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Daycare Management


Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

Daycare Personnel Development

Daycare Communication

Daycare Communication

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What is Early Childhood Development?

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the term that talks about  the development of the child on a physical, psychological, cognitive and social level between the ages of birth and when going to formal school.

What is the Difference Between ECD and Basic Childcare Courses?

The main difference between ECD and Basic Childcare courses is that the basic courses will not really give you the skills or knowledge to be an ECD practitioner. It will, however, give you the knowledge to work with children in a more informal setting such as babysitting or au pairing. An ECD course is more formal and you will be qualified to work in more formal settings such as at an Educare facility or even start your own and be able to run and manage it.

What can I do With the Different Qualifications?

The sky’s the limit with all the different options at hand. As mentioned before, with all the basic courses you can easily get a job as a babysitter or au pair. You might also be able to apply for a position as an assistant at an educare centre. With the National Diploma in Educare you will be well equipped and qualified for a position as an Educare practitioner or even the owner of an educare centre.

What Salary can I Earn?

Your salary will be dependent on where you work. An easy way to get a fair idea of a salary is to check on PayScale. It is also a convenient site to find out what the market average is, as well as how much can be expected based on experience.