What Employers are Looking for?

Being in the job market is hard and can take a toll on you. Especially if you don’t know what employers are looking for. Let us help!

Knowing how to make a great CV can leave a lasting impression and get you the interview. What follows during and after the interview is entirely up to you. So you want to know how to improve your CV and know what employers are looking for? Then keep reading.

Stages of Impressions for Employment

When applying for any job you go through a recruitment process and certain requirements must be met. These requirements heavily depend on the job that you are applying for but there are some key aspects of the process that can improve your chances of getting the job. 

Employers always look at your past work experience, educational background and basic information. To see if you live close-by or from a travelable distance. Besides those, we break the stages down into three impression stages. Let’s jump right into it. 


When you are looking for a job your first line of communication with a business is your CV or application. This is normally via email or employment application. Here are some things employers look for:

A Professional Looking CV

Don’t clutter your CV with irrelevant information. Keep to the facts and keep it simple. Don’t write long stories on your CV.

Grammar and Spelling

Make sure you use proper grammar and spelling in your CV. Even in the email, you send the company to apply for the position should have proper grammar and spelling. This step gets overlooked and could cost you an interview. Always use a friendly tone. What that means is to limit negative words and ending sentences on negative words.


Many people apply for the same position so the employer has to vet many CV’s. If your CV looks like everyone else’s then you won’t stand out from the crowd when paired with other CV’s. Using CV making tools can fix this problem for you and make you stand out.

A employer interviewing a candidate.


If you do your research about the company it can help you with your application email. Just check the company’s “about us” page. You should find their back story and you can use an achievement from that page as a compliment in your application email.


After the employer has vetted your application and scheduled an interview there are a few things that they will be looking for. Firstly:


This goes without saying always arrive at least 15 minutes before your interview. This displays that you are serious about the job. Always dress professionally and comfortably. Don’t wear clothes that are too big or small and simplicity is key. The employer will notice if you are making eye contact and if you have a firm handshake. Don’t take this for granted.

During the Interview

The employer wants to see confidence in abilities and the interview is the perfect place to displace this confidence. Besides looking for confidence in your ability they also want to see how knowledgeable you are about the position you are applying for, the industry, etc. Take some time before attending the interview to prepare for the questions and write down some questions you may have.

The Follow-up

After the interview send a follow-up email to say thank you for their time and consideration. End it with some goodwill. If you have not gotten a response from the company in a week then send another follow-up email. If you allow all these steps you should have a great interview.

What Skills are Employers Looking for?

Skills are what makes the difference between roles. Without the right skills, you won’t be able to do the job very well. There are some key skills and attributes that all employers are looking for. These skills are highly employable. So what are these skills and attributes? 

  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Willingness to learn
  • Computer skills
  • Leadership skills

CV Improvements

The best way to improve your CV is by doing a course and adding skills to your arsenal. This can be done via distance learning to ensure you can continue with your day to day life. You could be working full time while working on your CV and use these tips when you complete your course. We at Skills Academy, offer a range of distance learning courses that can get you those employable skills or knowledge in your field of interest. To see what courses we offer click here.

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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