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Enhance your skills and boost your career with Western Cape Courses. Here you will learn all about the most popular courses that will ensure that you are successful in your chosen field.

There are many colleges in the province that allow you to learn a variety of skills, all of which you can study through distance learning. Enhance your skills by enrolling into one of the many Western Cape Courses you can study via distance learning. Below are some of the most sought after courses to study. 

Small Business Management Courses


Small Business management courses allow you to learn all the skills needed to run a business. These courses will teach you how to run a business, which will include learning how to manage the finances of a business, how to manage an office and its practices, and gain knowledge on how to manage HR related matters. Sign up to our Small Business Management Course today.

Financial Management Courses


Learn how to manage the finances of your business successfully with our Financial Management Courses. Here you will learn how to work with financial statements, setting up budgets, and the proper allocation of funds, ensuring that the company will meet its financial goals and make a profit. Enrol into our Financial Management Courses and become a skilled financial manager.

Project Management Courses


Become a skilled project manager with our popular Project Management Courses. These courses teach you how to manage a project, from the planning process to completion. Project management is a sought after career, as project managers are needed in every industry, such as construction and building to marketing and management. 

Receptionist Courses


Think you have what it takes to be the face of the company? That is exactly what you can be with our Receptionist Courses. This course will teach you how to communicate in an effective and professional manner in an office, while also teaching you how to complete various admin duties. Receptionists also ensure that there are enough office supplies, book schedules and help other staff members with their work. There is an abundance of skills you can achieve through this course. 

HR Management


Our HR Management courses will teach you how to be a skilled HR manager. HR managers are needed in most companies, as they take care of all employee-related issues. They are also tasked with hiring staff, providing training of new staff, and dealing with the documents and admin of employees. Our HR Management Courses ensures that you are able to complete these duties, and so much more.

Expand your knowledge with Western Cape Courses.

Computer Courses


No matter the state of the economy or what social and political issues our country could be facing, there will always be careers available in IT. Most businesses have an IT professional who manages databases and software in a company. Bigger companies will even require an IT department, ensuring that all computer-related matters are managed properly. Our Computer Courses will ensure that you become a skilled IT professional, allowing you to work in almost any IT-related field.

Beauty Courses


Use your creativity and attention to detail to start a successful career in the beauty industry. Our Beauty Courses will teach you the skills needed to work in this highly competitive field, allowing you to claim your space in this field. The variety of skills in these courses will teach you all about nail care, successful salon management, as well as customer service skills.

Tourism and Guest House Management Courses


Tourism is one of the most important sectors in the country. Our beautiful country has many attractions, having tourists all over the world coming to South Africa. Be a part of the action with our Tourism and Guest House Management Courses. Here you will learn how to manage a guest house as well as how to make bookings and travel arrangements for clients. You will also learn communication and customer service skills, which are skills every employer seeks from their staff.

Office Management Courses


Learn how to manage an office with our Office Management Courses. Here you will learn how to do various duties within an office, such as proper business communication and a range of administration skills. Office managers allow for the successful flow of work in an office environment, ensuring that there is nothing that could stop employees from completing their work. You will also learn how to manage budgets in an office and help the HR manager recruit new employees.

Benefits of Distance Learning


There are a variety of advantages of studying our courses via distance learning. You are able to study from the comfort of your home, which allows you to save time and money. Some of our other benefits include: 

  • Study at your own pace. Since there aren’t any classes, you decide when you want to dive into your books.
  • Pay only for the months you study, meaning if your are bale to finish a 12 month course in 9 months, you will only pay for the months you have studied.
  • All your course material is sent to you via email, ensuring you do not miss out on any work.
  • 30 Day money back guarentee. If you aren’t happy with our services, you will receive a full refund within 30 days after registration.
  • No credit checks, meaning we don’t do any background checks on our students. You will be able to study with us, no questions asked.

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