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Keen on starting a career in the wedding and events industry? Give your career a kick-start with our Weddings and Events Courses. This exciting career field will keep you on your toes, which is why a distance learning course could be beneficial to you. Start building your empire while you’re enrolled in one of our part-time Weddings and Events Courses.

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What do Wedding Planners do?

Wedding Planners have a huge responsibility. They ensure that their clients have the wedding of their dreams and contribute to one of the most memorable moments of their lives. Wedding planners are with the happy couple every step of the way, and even set up appointments for both parties to get their attire. As a wedding planner, you should oversee that everything runs smoothly and goes according to plan. 

What do Event Managers do?

This job title is often only associated with wedding or concert planning, but event management is a broad field and they do so much more than that. Their jobs are focused on planning and  executing ideas. Event Managers often work closely with public relations officers and tourism or hospitality managers to organise special events. 


Are you fit for the job?

Keen on taking the wedding and events management world by storm? There are a few skills you need to help you kick-start your career. Of course, skills are taught and with enough practice you can become a pro. Here are the skills you need to work on. 


1. Organisational Skills

In this business, you will need top-level organisational skills. You will have to keep track of several tasks, make sure you have a list of requirements from your clients, and have a list of trustworthy suppliers. Organisational skills might come naturally for some, and those who struggle at it just need to practice a little harder. 


2. High Stress Tolerance

In the wedding and events management world, not everything goes entirely as planned. This job comes with many setbacks, and you will have to prepare for them. If you’re always up for a challenge and thrive in stressful situations, then this is the job for you. 


3. Business Management Skills

Wedding and event planners are often self-employed, and responsible for managing a team of individuals. You will need to familiarise yourself with business management skills to succeed and become a key player in the industry. 


4. Excellent Communication Skills

Weddings and events management jobs are centered around communication and people. You will be required to communicate with your clients and suppliers to ensure there’s no confusion. As an event planner, you will have to be an excellent listener and communicator.

5. Conflict Management

No wedding or event ever goes down smoothly. There will always be disagreements, and sometimes they may even involve family politics. You need to have excellent conflict resolution skills in case a disagreement comes up. In order to maintain professionalism and to prevent any situation from worsening, you will have to step in as mediator.

Reasons to Enroll in Wedding and Events Courses

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned professional in the wedding and events planning field, enrolling in a course that could be beneficial to your career is something you should consider. 

Study Wherever you Want 

The great thing about distance learning is that you can use the world as your classroom. If attractive environments inspire you and get your creative juices flowing, you can find the one you love the most and finish your assignments there. If you prefer the comfort of your home, you are more than welcome to do so. 


Become Your own Boss

If you have entrepreneurial aspirations or fear that you will struggle to find employment in this industry, then Weddings and Events Courses are a good start. As long as there are celebrations, there will always be job opportunities in this field. Being self-employed means you get creative freedom over all events, and you get to set your own hours and rates. 


Invest in Yourself and Your Future

If you’re truly passionate about wedding and event planning, why not invest in your future and career by enrolling in one of our courses. Even if you’re already equipped with event planning skills, you could always benefit more by enrolling in a course.  Put your skills and knowledge to practice, and learn more about this exciting career.


Entry Requirements

No matric? No problem. To enroll in one of our Weddings and Events Courses, all you need is grade 10 (standard 8). You also need to meet the age requirements –  students need to be at least 16 years or older to enroll. Please note, this course is offered in English. Students are expected to be able to read, write and understand the language. 


Assessment Structure

There are no classes or exams scheduled for any of our Weddings and Events Courses. Students are assessed on their assignments only. Each assignment is set-up to ensure that students have gone through and understood their study material. Students are advised to go through their student manuals as soon as they arrive. 


What you Will Learn

Want to broaden your skill set and become a competitive player in the wedding and event planning industry? Our Weddings and Events Courses are your best choice. Not only will you pick up industry related secrets, but you will also gain transferable skills. 


Events Management

There are three levels to complete in our Event Management programs. You may choose to finish one, or all three. The first level is a short course that only consists of two subjects. The advanced certificate program covers a range of topics including first aid concepts, customer satisfaction and events management. 



Even if you’re an experienced player in the wedding planning game, you could learn a thing or two by enrolling in a wedding course. At Skills Academy, you can complete any of the three level programs we offer. Our courses cover topics such as face-to-face communication, wedding planning, strategic decision making, excellence in service. 


Want to Enroll in our Weddings and Events Courses? 

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