Upgrade Your Home Office

It’s time to Upgrade Your Home Office. Why? Because you will spend a little more time there and you need a cosy yet beautiful space to inspire you to work.

Our environment and circumstances determines how well we perform. Whether it is at home or at work. Having a functioning space that allows you to perform your best is key. When you upgrade your home office correctly, you will be inspired to do more. 

Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Office

Many office-based jobs in the finance, accounting and marketing industry allow their workers to work from home. Unfortunately, you will have to spend more time at your house. And chances are your space is cluttered or the overall mood and appearance just brings you down. Upgrading your home office has many benefits including the following:

  • Increases your productivity
  • Inspires you to work more and often
  • Gives you room to think
  • Provides you comfort to do difficult tasks
Woman working from a dull and cluttered work desk from home. Upgrade Your Home Office

How to Upgrade Your Home Office

Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury to have a home office or library space. But thankfully, these tips apply to all. Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your home office.

Seek the Light

Having perfect office lighting can do wonders for your productivity. Natural lighting can instantly improve your mood and give you a burst of energy. Artificial lighting that is too bright or dimmed, can put a strain on your eyes. Opt for softer, cooler or natural lighting.

Give it Some Colour

Leave dull, neutral tones for hospitals and the doctor’s office. It is important to keep your overall colour scheme of your house or living space in mind. But a little pop of colour never hurt anybody. 

Find Comfort 

Your comfort and physical health is important. Therefore, you need a comfortable chair with a desk or table set up. If you are working from your bedroom, make sure you have proper back support. A pillow and a folding or portable desk is your solution. 

Organise Your Cables

Messy cables are a safety hazard and it does not look neat at all. Unplug and untangle them while you are at it. Ask yourself if you are using or need the devices that are plugged in. If not, minimise the clutter.

Think Charging Ports

When working from home, you will at least have three devices that need to be plugged in or charged. That would be your internet modem, laptop and cellphone. Make sure that the charging port is close to your desk or sitting space for convenience. 

Add A Little Greenery

Plants and greenery adds life to a dull space. They are also responsible for improving the quality of air within your home. There are low maintenance plants you can add to your home to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Give it Your Own Flavour

Your home office or room should be the idea factory and your source of inspiration. Add wall art and decorative items that inspire you. It could be a poster with a motivational message, a painting that inspires you or the world map. 

It’s Time for a Career Upgrade

Having fun decorating and drawing inspiration for your home office space? Why not take a course in Interior Decorating and Design? Or you could upgrade your career with any of our other amazing courses. Speak to a course consultant today. 

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Last Updated: 19 January 2021