Umalusi approves the Release of the 2019 Matric Results

Results for the 787,000 matric candidates who wrote their matric exams in November 2019 have been approved for release by Umalusi.

So, Umalusi approves the Release of the 2019 Matric Results. But what does that mean? 

Results for the 787,000 matric candidates who wrote their matric exams in November 2019 have been approved for release by Umalusi

This includes:

616,754 full-time; and

170,964 part-time candidates

Improved quality of question papers


There was an increase in the number of subject marks that were left unchanged, and this indicates that the quality of subjects was improving.

No leaks of question papers


The 2019 matric exams did not have any question paper leaks. Umalusi did however raise concerns about the drop in candidate numbers in mathematics and the increase of candidates in MathsLit.


Load shedding


On the 16 and 17 October the writing of CAT and IT in some parts of the country were affected by loadshedding.

Concerns about maths papers


Late last year parents raised concerns about both matric maths papers set this year, which were written in October, as they feared they could negatively affect their children’s final results.

The external moderator said the exam was fair; all topics in exams are in the CAPS document and examination guidelines, no questions out of scope.

UMALUSI said there seemed to be a problem in the way in which Mathematics is tacked in schools, the learners struggled with cognitive stretch factors. 

Adjusted results


47 Subjects were left unchanged. They were not adjusted, the marks remained exactly as they are.

These includes:

  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Mathematical Literacy 
  • Geography 
  • Accounting 
  • Physical Science
  • Geography

Subjects adjusted upwards includes:

  • Life Science
  • Technical Mathematics 
  • Technical Science 
  • Religion Studies
  • Most home languages

The marks that were adjusted downwards includes: 

  • Business Studies 
  • Tshivenda Home Language.

Specific subject comments



There is an increase in the number of learners taking Mathematical Literacy and a decrease in Mathematics learners but still, Mathematics is not progressing.


There is some progress in Physical Science.


Learners taking Accounting is decreasing but the performance is always going down, including this year.


The subject had a notable improvement from last year.


There is a problem with learners analytical thinking in the subject.

Results will be announced next week

The matric results for the “Matrix 2019” class will come out to matriculants on 8 January 2020. On Tuesday 7 January the Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, will announce the national and provincial results at a news conference.

You can watch the release of the matric results on the following television channels:

  • SABC News Channel – Channel 404 on DSTV
  • SABC News Online 
  • SABC on YouTube 
  • ENCA tv station last year also covered the Matric results. Here is an online video where they are reporting on the stress of waiting for the matric results on 2 January 2020

You can also listen to the results on Ikwekwezi FM .

How to get your results


To get your results, you can register on the SABC’s 2019 matric results service.

SABC Education will release the matric results to all learners across all nine provinces who registered on its matric results service, on the morning of 08 January 2020.

Register on the SABC Education matric results service with your 13 digits ID number and exam number to access your results.

Register on one of these mobile services to receive your 2019 matric results:

MatricsMate App

  • Download the MatricsMate App for free from Google Play and Apple App Stores
  • You will need your 13 digits ID number and exam number to register
  • You will be able to view your results on the app as soon as they are available


  • SMS your exam number to 45856
  • The system verifies the exam number; your exam number must be correct in order to be accepted.
  • Learners will be charged R1-50 per SMS, free SMSes do not apply


  • Dial *120*45856# enter exam number to register
  • You will be charged R1-50 per minute
  • Results will be sent to your phone as soon as they are available


You can also contact the matric results centre on 011 507 4630 should you have any queries with registration. The centre is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, however, on the day of the release of the results; the call centre will operate from 6 am to 5 pm.

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