TVET Colleges

Interested in vocational courses and practical training? You can get all that and more with TVET Colleges. Find out how you can benefit from a hands on education.

TVET Colleges

Would you like to get practical training while getting an education? TVET Colleges give you that and more. You’ll receive an education of high quality education that will help you land your dream job. 

The Purpose of a TVET College

The purpose of a TVET Colleges is to ensure that once you have completed your studies, you will be able to get a sustainable job in whichever industry you choose. This means that you will be taught practical skills such as service, construction and several others scarce skills. 

Benefits of Studying at TVET Colleges

There are manyl great benefits to TVET Colleges that will make your learning easier. Universities and colleges tend to have strict entry requirements placing loads of pressure on students but TVET Colleges eliminate this barrier. 


Courses at TVET colleges are on the same level as traditional college courses. Giving you a head start in your education. All the credits you earn during your courses in TVET colleges can be used to enter into a university. 


The transition from high school to university is big. It can also be very difficult. Luckily going from high school to a TVET college, you are given independence sooner rather than later. You’ll also become responsible for attending your classes and handing in assignments. This is because colleges work similar to the way universities. 

Practical Courses 

You might struggle with understanding and learning things via textbooks only. Which is understandable. That’s why you have the option of doing practical courses that give you a hands on learning experience. 

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Courses Offered at TVET Colleges 

These colleges offer a wide variety of vocational courses that will prepare you for any career of your choice. When you are looking for a course to study you will see that TVET College courses are divided into four categories. The qualification categories are National Certificates (N4), National Certificate Vocational, Report 191 Programmes and National Introductory Certificate (N4). 

National Certification (Vocational) 

All you need to do this course type is grade 9. It will only take you 3 years to complete your course. Course work will be built up of both practical and theoretical practices. Your courses will also be industry focused meaning the skills you gain from your course, will help you get a job.


Nated courses are done in accordance with the department of Higher Education and Training. With these courses you will do 18 months of practical training and 18 months of theoretical work. You will need grade 9 for N1 admission and grade 12 for N4 admission.


Learnerships don’t  necessarily have any specific entry requirements. A learnership will put you on track to a NQF level course. You’ll experience courses that are quality assured by the SETA ETQAs.

There are many different  courses that you can experience with TVET Colleges. 

Does NSFAS Fund TVET Colleges?

Yes NSFAS does provide funding for TVET colleges. They provide funding for all students that attend public TVET insitutitions. In order to qualify for a NSFAS you will go through a means of test which will examine your financial situation. The second requirement you will need is a good academic record. Do keep in mind that some NSFAS  funding works on a loan and some on a bursary. 

Funding TVET Colleges

You can also get funding in other ways. There are plenty of loans and grants available, you just need to know how to find the right one. You can get a loan from companies such as Eduloan and you can get grants from  The Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). 

Entry Requirements for TVET Colleges 

With the variety of courses available to you, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact entry requirements. To find out what you need, you should contact the college you’re interested in. Entry requirements are course specific. However you can generally start with a TVET college with as little as your grade 9 report. 

Choosing a TVET College

Choosing any institution of higher education can be a difficult task. Therefore it is important to follow the following steps. It will ensure that your search for a TVET College goes as smoothly as possible. 

  1. Research colleges in your area or city
  2. Look at courses offered at each college
  3. Choose courses based on what career you hope to go into 
  4. Draw up a list of your top five institutions 
  5. Visit or call your top five institutions and ask them questions that serves your needs as a student
  6. Finally, make your decision

Are TVET Colleges Accredited? 

You will be happy to know that all public TVET Colleges are registered with the Department of Higher Education. This way your time won’t be wasted and your qualification will be recognized by employers. If you do however choose to study at a private institution, you should be careful and do your research on their accreditation before registering with them. 

How to check if a college is accredited:

  • You can simply contact the department of education and have them check the accreditation of an institution OR
  • Click this link and fill in the missing sections

Courses you can do From Home? 

Skills Academy an accredited distance learning institution has a variety of courses you do from the comfort of your home. This gives you the opportunity to work and study all at the same time. The great thing about distance learning is you can study as fast as you like and finish your course sooner than the duration period.  

Short Courses 

Our short courses aim to give you a skill that will help you get a job. If you already have a job and need to brush up on your skills a short course can also help you. You can complete our short courses in less than a year. 

Accredited Courses 

You can do an accredited course via distance learning. That’s right, you can get your diploma right from the comfort of your home. We have a variety of accredited courses that will give you the much needed skill you seek to be a professional in your industry. 

Provider Programmes 

Provider programmes are skills focused courses that aren’t accredited. These are courses that will help you kickstart your career. You don’t need a matric certificate to get started. All you need is to be able to read and write in English. 

Take Your Opportunity and Further Your Education

Finding an institution that’s dedicated to helping you succeed can be challenging. Luckily you already have Skills Academy in your corner. So contact one of our course experts and have them tell you about the opportunities available to you. 

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Last Updated: June 9, 2022


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