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Skills Academy Certificate in Tourism Management

Skills Academy Certificate in Tourism Management

Why should I study Tourism Management?

A job in tourism will always be very interesting and it will offer many business opportunities. Tourism Management explores the main business management aspects within the industry and also shows how the industry is structured. Tourism is one of South Africa’s biggest industries and by completing a course in tourism you will be able to function in this fast growing environment.

How will this course be structured?

Certificate Subjects: 4 Subjects

    1. Introduction to English

Introduction verbal and non-verbal communication. Proper communication for meetings, presentations and work readiness.

    1. Tourism Management TM-101

Introduction to tourism and its history. Managing visitor attractions, transport for tourists, accommodation for tourists and tourism distribution.

    1. First Aid Concepts

The medical-legal implications and principles of First Aid, elementary human anatomical structures, appropriate First Aid procedures

    1. Customer Satisfaction

Learn how customer relationship skills can build your success, how to deal with difficult people and save time by taking situations professionally. How to keep focused under pressure and keep the spotlight on the issue. Make it easy for others to co-operate with you by using co-operation techniques. Building motivation with customer feedback.

How long is the course?

6 months

How many assignments are there?

You will be required to submit four (4) Assignments

How will I be assessed?

Skills Academy will require you to complete the recommended assignments. The assignments are designed to help you through your learning to make sure that you completely understand all the topics covered and that you can apply this to your working environment. There are absolutely no exams for this course.

Tourism Management, Skills Academy

What certificate will I get?

You will be awarded with a Skills Academy Certificate in Tourism Management.

As Skills Academy values education and cares about our students, your completion award will be sent to you via courier so that you receive it as soon as possible and without any delays.

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