Tips on Getting Into the Beauty Industry

Having Tips on Getting Into the Beauty Industry can be your secret weapon to success. Use this formula to find useful information to help kick-start your career.

Are you ready to take your passion to the next level? These Tips on Getting Into the Beauty Industry can help you do just that. Explore the different courses, skills and career opportunities available to you. 

Choosing a Speciality in the Beauty Industry 

Choosing a speciality is one of the top tips on getting into the beauty industry. When choosing a specialty, you are deciding to only focus on one area within the industry. This is good if you have a special interest or liking for one beauty subject. If you don’t, you can 

Do Your Research 

Don’t just jump the gun and choose a speciality  you think is the easiest. Do some research first. There are many articles online that will give you all the information you need.  Take your research a step further by speaking to qualified professionals. That way you can ask them anything you would like. 

What are Your Professional Goals?

An important question to ask yourself when deciding on a speciality is your career goals. Choose a speciality that meets your career goals. So if you want to travel one day, ensure that your career speciality allows you to do that. 

How Important is Job Security?

Does job security matter to you? If it does, then add it to your research. You can ask beauty professionals which speciality has the best job security.  If job security doesn’t apply to you then you won’t have to worry about it. 

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Gain the Skills Needed 

Having a passion for beauty isn’t enough to start a successful career in the industry. You need both practical and theoretical skills. The best way to gain the skills you need is by studying it. The beauty industry is constantly growing, so you will be spoilt with course options. 

Beauty Courses

There are beauty and beauty-related courses all around you. You just have to find the right course for you. Studying the right course allows you to stay focused on your career path. It is also a good way of getting your foot into the beauty industry.

Beauty Therapy:
This beauty therapy course is a comprehensive approach to beauty. It gives you the knowledge and skills needed to be a well rounded beautician. 

Facial Skincare: In this three part facial skincare course you will go through a range of topics all related to client care, professionalism and theory on facial skincare. 

Make-Up: These make-up courses teach you more than just make-up applications. You will also learn entrepreneurship, financial management and networking. 

Nail Care: With these nail care courses you will learn about the different manicure techniques and tools needed to be a well rounded nail care technician.

Salon Management: This expert salon management course will give you the skill you need to be a successful leader and hair 

Benefits of Doing a Beauty Therapy Course 

The beauty industry is a growing business. That means that there are always new things developing. Diving into this industry without the basic knowledge isn’t a good idea.  That’s why doing a beauty therapy course comes with many advantages. 

  • Gain knowledge needed to advice clients 
  • Earn a higher salary 
  • Expands career opportunities 
  • Have a qualification that increases your credibility 

Get Hands on Training in the Beauty Industry  

Studying and training go hand-in-hand, this means that you will need both of them to become a beauty professional. Remember working in the beauty industry takes a lot of practical skills and techniques. The best way to master these skills and techniques is to get hands on experience and training. 

Working With Real Clients 

Learning how to work with clients while you are still in training is a safer option than messing up with a real client. You can gain this experience by doing learnerships or internships after your studies. You will learn how to talk to clients and handle mistakes with a hands on approach. 

Refine Skills 

Once you have all the knowledge from your textbooks and study guides, you will need to put them into action. Refining your skills with practical training is the best approach. You will have the opportunity to perfect your skills in a learning environment.  

Learn Latest Methods 

With the beauty industry being such a fast paced world, there are new methods being made up everyday. Practical training gives you the opportunity to learn these skills as they are made. This makes it easier for you to adapt to them and increases your skills set.

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Careers in the Beauty Industry 

In the beauty industry you are spoilt with career choices.  There is a massive variety of beauty careers that you can go into. All ranging from formal corporate jobs to informal independent jobs. Best of all you are guaranteed to find a career that fits you.  

Common Careers 

When talking about a common beauty career, you should think of the beautician jobs you grew up knowing. This will include everything from hair, nails and make-up. 

  • Nail technician 
  • Make-up artists 
  • Hair stylist 
  • Barber 
  • Beauty Therapist

Corporate Jobs in the Beauty Industry

You might not know this but there is a corporate side to the beauty industry. If you aren’t into one of the more common careers on offer or perhaps you’re just looking for job security then have a look at one of these corporate jobs. 

  • Brand Artistic Director
  • Cosmetic chemists
  • Beauty PR specialist
  • Beauty writer

Opportunity to be a Business Owner 

Regardless of what you choose to specialise in you will have the opportunity to be a business owner. This is because almost all beauty careers can be done independently. Meaning you can work for yourself and be your own boss. 

Highest Paying Jobs in the Beauty Industry?

Working in the beauty industry isn’t all about how much you can earn. It’s about passion, talent and skills. All things that add to your earning potential. So don’t waste your time looking at estimated potential earning, study hard, work hard and make the beauty industry work for you. 

Are There Short Courses in the Beauty Industry? 

There are definitely short courses you can do in the beauty industry. In fact these courses are done via distance learning, so you don’t attend any classes. Even if you are looking to brush up on your skills you can with our courses. You wouldn’t even need matric to enroll in them. 

Discover Your Inner Artist With Beauty Courses

Are you ready to start your career? Take the first step by enrolling in one of our many beauty courses today. Simply contact one of course experts to get you started. 

Last Updated: 20 June 2022