The Future of the Events Industry

Get ready for zoom meetings, virtual festivals and intimate gatherings. The Future of the Events Industry is here! Make sure you are prepared for it.

Many industries have been hit by Covid-19, especially the Events Industry. With many things still looking uncertain, you may be thinking about the future of the events industry. 

Brace yourself for tons of virtual parties, zoom conferences and social distancing festivals. 

The Future of Events

Oh, the joy of setting up your tent while you wait for your favorite artist to hit the stage at Rocking the Daisies. But wait! 2020 said NO and all the big dates on your social calendar have been cancelled. So, what now? 

Social Distancing 

Event planners will have to rethink the venues they use and how seating arrangements work. For an industry that relies on human interaction this might be a tough one. 

Registration Desks

Besides keeping guests socially distanced, event planners must also implement new, effective ways to register guests.  

Catering and Self-Serving Buffets

Catering will change as self-serving buffets put guests at risk. Tea time is also very popular at events. This may be switched out for a safer, more hygienic option. 

Mobile Apps and Social Media

No more passing the mic to start conversations. Thankfully guests can take part by using hashtags on social media. 

Is the Events Planning Industry Growing?

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the events industry is expected to grow by 8% from 2019-2029. This is much faster than the average rate for other career paths. Will this projection hold true in the future of the events industry? Time will tell. 

Future Trends in Event Planning

If you are interested in becoming an events planner or you already are, have a look at the future trends in event planning.  

Hybrid Events

Are in person events long gone? No. But, hybrid events will become more common. Bringing virtual meetings and face-to-face interactions together.  

Virtual Engagements

We have not seen the last of Zoom just yet.  Zoom conferences, video calls and Google Hangouts will still be around for much longer. 

Space Requirements

Events will have to provide enough space for social distancing to occur. Air ventilation and hygienic requirements are also a must. 

Private, At-Home Events

More consumers will move towards private, at-home events. As an event planner, it will be smart if you start building your reputation in this field. 

Interactive Technology

You must keep up with current trends and be tech savvy to survive in the future of the events industry. Technology must be used effectively so guests can engage with each other. 

Smaller Budgets

Clients will not have thousands of rands to spend on parties. As an event planner how will you manage this and still provide the best services? 

How Promising is the Events Planning Industry for Future Professionals? 

There is no clear answer for this yet. Before Covid-19 ,the events industry was a growing career field to enter. However, you can still be successful if you plan well for the changes that will occur and keep yourself updated with new skills. 

Tables and chairs set up in a venue. Find out how the Future of the Events Industry will look like.

Preparing for the Future of the Events Industry

To reach success, half the battle is preparing well. The curve balls thrown your way can be managed. Get a steady plan in action and follow the tips listed below: 

Update Your Skills

Enrol for a short course in events management and get loaded with new skills. This will help you generate new, creative ideas

Keep up to Date With Trends

There are tons of free online resources you can use to get ahead of industry trends. Use them to your benefit. 

Follow the News on Updated Regulations

Watch the news, read and follow government social media accounts. This way you will be one of the first to know when any Covid regulations change.  

You can still throw the best party in town, just make sure you have some sanitiser close by! 

Future Proof Your Career in Events!

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022