The Future of Education

Much like the world, education is evolving and changing. This means that The Future of Education will change as well. Find what the Future of Education has in store for you.

The Future of Education

One thing is certain when thinking of the future of education, technology! That’s right, we live in a world where technological advancements are made everyday. The same goes for education. Educators and world leaders  work endlessly on new ways to make education more accessible and enjoyable for you. 

What is the Future of Education In South Africa? 

Education in South Africa has come a long way from the past. Today you can find students getting the best education possible, even in remote areas. This is all thanks to technological advancements that have been applied to learning. The future of education in South Africa aims to improve learning and work towards ultimately improving national pass rate. This is and will be done by giving all learners the same opportunities and benefits regardless of their location. 

What Will Change?

When discussing the future of education, we have to think about the changes that will be made. This contributes largely to the way you will be learning and studying. It will contribute to your employability. 


Exams used to be a method of testing the knowledge you have gained through studying. Although it was and still is a good way of testing some students, it isn’t the same for all. When preparing for exams you are stressed and feel extremely pressured to know everything. Now there are courses that you can do that don’t have exams.  This takes that stress and pressure away.

Student Ownership

Right now it’s very easy for you to rely on the help of teachers and lecturers. However with the advancements that have been introduced to education, you are responsible for your education. You’ll become more involved in your learning, studying and curriculum. It will build time management skills and credibility. 

Career Based

Oftentimes you have to study courses that don’t relate to your potential career. Making your learning experience hard. That’s why you can now choose courses that focus directly on your career choices. You’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills you need to take into the workplace. 

Time and Place

All students learn at different paces. That’s why e-learning has become an essential part of learning. It enables you to study at your own pace and from anywhere you like. This means that you won’t have the pressure of keeping up with fellow classmates or have the distractions that come with classrooms. 

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Classroom Learning 

Classroom learning has been around for decades. It was brought on to reach more students at once. Now it has done tremendous work and has gotten us to where we are today. With that being said there is a downside to classroom classes. Luckily for you the future of technology has allowed you to get an education without being in a classroom. 

Traveling expenses 

Traveling to and from campus can be costly. So how will this problem be solved in the future? Distance learning and Online learning is the answer. With these new forms of learning you won’t have to travel to and from campus and your home. You won’t have extra expenses on your plate. 


Attending physical classes is time consuming which is a disadvantage. It is especially difficult if you plan on working while studying. With new forms of learning you won’t have to worry about attending classes because you won’t need to attend a physical class. You will still be able to work and get your education at the same time.  


Classrooms can be overwhelming at times. This is because a classroom can be overcrowded and loud. Taking away from your learning experience and your learning. With new forms of learning you won’t have learning distractions and 

Buying Compulsory Textbooks 

Finding the textbooks you need to study can be hard and can turn into a stressful situation. That’s why with online and distance learning provide you with all your needed study materials. So you don’t have to spend weeks looking for textbooks. You can focus all your time and energy into completing your courses. 

New Learning Methods

With many new forms of learning on the rise everyday, you are spoilt for choices. Each type of learning aims to give you the skills and knowledge you need for your future. You can experience valuable education that stands up to your standards and meets your requirements. Experience all the great academic and life benefits of the future.   

Types of Learning in the future: 

  • Distance Learning 
  • Online Learning 

Benefits of new Learning Institutions

Distance learning allows you to study from the comfort of your home. This is done with institutions such as Skills Academy. You will get a quality education, without the hassles of classroom disadvantages. You might think that distance learning means you’re alone without a support team. This is not true, with us you have access to course experts, tutors and lecturers.

How to Find a College 

Finding yourself an institution that speaks to your academic needs is very important. When enrolling with an institution you should ensure that it is accredited. Accredited institutions meet quality standards that are recognised worldwide. 

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Reviews: you can get this  from students that have or are attending the institution.

Academic support: how will your institution help you achieve success? Ensure that you will have access to an academic support system such as tutors. 

Financial support: find out if your institution has a financial support structure in place to help you with tuition costs. 

Getting Started 

Skills Academy is an accredited distance institution. Our courses are all done from the comfort of your home. The foundation of our institution is built on the satisfaction and success of our students. Therefore we have a great selection of courses that can help you enter almost any career field. We have also put together policies that will benefit you on your journey.

Jumpstart Your Future 

Jumpstart your future with our distance learning courses. Contact one of our course experts today and explore your options. 

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022