The Benefits of Being a CIMA Student

The Benefits of Being a CIMA Student? There are so many. You will get an internationally recognised qualification and gain a wealth of skills with CIMA.

We are only taught about the courses that are offered and public universities and colleges. But oftentimes even these courses fall short when it comes to international standards. Don’t rob yourself from getting a quality education. Privately owned institutions and professional bodies offer exceptional courses. Here are the benefits of being a CIMA student.

Is CIMA Worth it?

CIMA courses are definitely worth the hype and worth your time. These courses are designed to put disadvantaged students at an advantage to advance their careers. 

You don’t need to have a matric to get started, but you will leave with an internationally recognised qualification and the skills to back it up. 

To determine whether or not CIMA courses are worth it, you have to look at the benefits you can enjoy. 

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Benefits of Being a CIMA Student

Take advantage of the benefits of being a CIMA Student. There are many perks you can enjoy, including the following. 

Receive World-Class Education

If you are looking for world-class courses that meet international standards, look no further. With CIMA courses you are guaranteed to receive quality education. Courses are aimed to give you a wealth of knowledge to start a career in finance and business. 

Earn an Internationally Recognised Qualification

CIMA is the biggest professional body in the world for management accountants. CIMA courses are internationally renowned and held in a higher regard. What that means for you is, you get a competitive edge just by being associated with them. Getting jobs abroad will also be easier. 

Boosts Your Earning Potential

Being a CIMA graduate means that you are a qualified professional. And because you will leave with a wealth of knowledge, you will be in the position to negotiate your salary. These courses also prepare you for career growth, and to climb the corporate ladder to earn even more. 

Gain Competitive Skills

The world’s leading professional body needs to live up to expectations. And they wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t. Students gain sought after skills that could benefit their finance and business careers. You will learn how to implement strategy and master negotiations.

Job Opportunities

The whole point of furthering your education is to get the job of your dreams. With CIMA qualifications you are spoiled with choice. There are plenty of opportunities available across industries. You also have a chance to explore self-employment and create opportunities for other talented individuals. 

More Benefits With CIMA Membership

You can enjoy added benefits if you join the CIMA Membership. Here are a few benefits that are exclusive to CIMA members only. 

Add letters to your name – Having CIMA membership letters to your name will add so much more value to your resume. It indicates that you are part of a respected community of professionals and proves that you have the skills that recruiters or partners are looking for. 

Receive CV template – Many professionals dread writing CV’s or resumes. CIMA members can avoid this because they get exclusive CV blueprints to help them create their own. You can get access to workbooks, CV examples, checklists and other amazing tips. 

Continuing Professional Development – Learning and developing your skills doesn’t have to stop after you’ve received your qualification. Keep up with the latest industry trends and make sure you have the skills to keep up with the times. 

Access to cutting-edge courses – All members get access to CGMA stores. Here you can get discounts on all the courses. There are a range of courses you can choose from to up your skills. 

Gain credibility – Being associated with a CIMA, CGMA, ACMA and FCMA comes with its benefits. There are a list of requirements you need to meet to gain membership. Being associated with CIMA can open many doors for you.

Benefit From Being a CIMA Student

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Last Updated: June 15, 2022


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Cherri-Lee Rhode
Cherri-Lee Rhode
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