Subjects Required to Study Tourism

Ready to up your tourism skills? Find out everything you need right here. Learn more about the subjects required to study tourism, and start your career.

Did you know South Africa is one of the top tourist destinations in the world? With so many beautiful attractions and activities, it’s easy to see why many people flock to our beautiful country. Want in on the action? Learn all about the subjects required to study tourism and jet set off to a successful career.

Subjects Required to Study Tourism

The great thing about studying tourism with us – you don’t need any prior subjects or qualifications. That’s right! We will lay the foundation so you can start a career in this field. With us, you can even study tourism without matric.  

Tourism Courses Available to you

Ready to get your foot in the door? Well we’re ready to help. Each subject will help you gain the practical skills you need, all via distance learning. Take a tour of our exciting Tourism Courses below.

Tourism Management

Our Tourism Management Course is a great way to learn the tricks of the trade of this industry. The subjects in these courses will teach you the basics of tourism, from its history to managing an office. You’ll learn how to be a star player in any tourism business.

Tourism Marketing

Learn how to market your product the right way. From start to finish, you’ll learn the ins and out with our Tourism Marketing Courses. Satisfy the needs of your customers and exceed their expectations with knowledge of tourism marketing research.

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Skills Needed for a Successful Tourism Career

Along with our courses, there are skills you will need in your career. Become well versed in them all and take your career to the next level.

Soft Skills

These are often seen as skills you are born with. However, these skills can be learnt and improved through training and experience. Soft skills you need in tourism include:

  • Communication Skills – You should know how to properly communicate with clients. Whether it is verbally over the phone, or non-verbally through emails.
  • Customer Service Skills – Keeping clients happy is the aim of the game. Offering excellent customer service will have clients coming back for more
  • Problem-solving Skills – Unseen problems can happen to anyone. Knowing how to solve problems highlights your creativity and quick thinking skills.
  • Organisational Skills – This includes time management and staying organised. These are the skills that will help your office space function effectively.
  • Creativity – Whether you are making decisions, or coming up with packages for clients, your creative skills will catapult your success.

Technical Skills

These are the skills that you will gain through studies and perfected with experience. These skills may not be compulsory, but clients will rush to use your services with these skills:

  • First Aid Skills – With this skill, clients will be happy to know that they are in safe hands. Whether you’re in an office or giving a tour, you’ll be able to assist until help arrives.
  • Computer Skills – Technology and tourism goes hand-in-hand. Bookings, planning, research and more all happen with the use of computers. So up your IT skills today.
  • Photography Skills – Anyone can take a photo. But knowing how to take high resolution images will make you a cut above the rest. Capture the memorable moments of your clients. 

Learn these skills with us today:

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Benefits of a Career in Tourism

A career that offers growth with many opportunities. Can it get any better than that? There are many benefits of diving into the tourism industry. And knowing you can achieve this career without matric, makes it a top choice for many. Benefits of tourism include:

Many Career Opportunities

The career opportunities in tourism are endless. Find the one that caters to your needs and goals, and you could land a successful career in no time. Top tourism jobs include:

Opportunity to Travel

To offer the best service and products includes research and testing products yourself. This means travelling to different countries and going on tours for a first-hand experience.

Meet New People Everyday

Forget about being in an office, stuck with the same people every day. This exciting career path allows you to meet new people, and build relationships with clients.

Tis’ the Season

South Africa has many holidays, making in-country travel and tourism a popular option for South Africans. These peak seasons are great sales boosts, gaining clients near and far.

Hit the Road With us Today

Travel light with our Tourism Courses. These essential skills are all you need. Gain your credibility with us today. Contact one of our course experts for more information. You can:

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