Subjects Required to Study Interior Design

Do you love redecorating your room? There might be an interior designer in you. Let’s find out what subjects are required to study interior design.

Looking for the subjects required to study interior design? We have got you covered! Gain insight into this exciting, yet challenging career field. Also learn what it takes to become a successful interior designer right here.

Subjects Required to Study Interior Design 

Each institution has their own set of requirements. Due to this, the subjects required to study interior design depends on where you choose to study. Art, Design Studies and Mathematics are often recommended, but not always required. 

Where can I Study Interior Design Courses? 

There are a variety of places you can study interior design courses. To choose the right one for you, you need to consider the qualification you would like to study towards. It’s also important to keep in mind that you also need to meet the specific requirements of the institution. 

  • Degree or Diploma Course – University/Technikon 
  • Certificate or Skills-based Course – TVET/Distance Learning College 

Our Courses 

We offer three Interior Design courses through distance learning. The program consists of three individual courses that build on each other. Get an introduction to what interior design is all about on your own terms. The best part is that you can apply to study at any time.


  • Be 16 years or older
  • Have an understanding of the English language. 

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Why Choose Interior Design Courses? 

Interior design courses serve as a good starting point for those who are interested. It teaches you the basic elements, as well as the technical skills required. It also gives you the opportunity to develop and use your creativity.

Range of Opportunities 

There is a growing demand for interior designers. This means that having interior design knowledge and skills can open up doors within the industry.

Chance to use Your Creativity 

If you have an artistic flair and consider yourself a creative person, this may be the perfect career path for you. It allows you to put those skills to good use. 

Potential for Entrepreneurship

Dream of starting your own interior design business one day? With the right knowledge, skills and experience, you can do just that. 

Variety of Projects 

No two projects will be the same because each client’s needs will differ. Your creativity and technical skills will be put to the test. So, chances are that you will never get bored. 

Diverse Sectors and Industries 

As an interior designer, you will get the chance to work in a variety of settings. This includes homes, offices, restaurants and other public spaces.

A beautifully decorated bedroom with a bed in the center. Subjects Required to Study Interior Design.

Skills Needed for a Career in Interior Design

Interior designers create indoor spaces that are both functional and attractive. To do this well, you need to have the right skills. These skills are needed to make sure that the space you design serves its purpose. This includes the list below: 

  • Communication – When it comes to meeting clients and discussing their ideas, communication skills are key. This helps you understand exactly what the client is looking for.
  • Creativity – It’s important to stay up to date with the latest styles and trends. You should know how to use colours that complement each other and be able to sketch your designs. 
  • Problem-solving – Projects don\t always go according to plan. This is why you need to be able to think on your feet and come up with solutions fast. Make sure you always have a backup plan ready. 
  • Flexibility – Interior design isn’t always a 9-5 job. Depending on whether your clients are businesses or individuals, you may need to meet in the evening or on weekends. You need to be flexible to accommodate this. 
  • Vision – Part of being a successful interior designer is being able to see the end result before you start. This can be done by looking at an empty room and picturing what would work in the space. 
  • Technical Skills –  Technology has become a big part of interior design. Being able to use design software can help you show clients what spaces will look like by creating them digitally. 

Career Options 

With many different sectors needing the expertise of designers, the field offers a range of career options. Here are some popular interior design-related jobs that you can explore within the industry. 

  • Interior Designer 
  • Interior Decorator 
  • Furniture Designer 
  • Visual Merchandiser 
  • Showroom Designer 

Design Your Way To Success! 

Interested in our interior design courses? Studying through distance learning is a great alternative to traditional learning methods. Simply contact a course expert to learn more. You can: 

People Also Ask

Interior designers creatively plan and design spaces to make them both aesthetically pleasing and functional, considering aspects like colour schemes, lighting, and furnishings.

Yes, interior design is in demand, driven by a growing focus on residential and commercial space aesthetics, lifestyle trends, and the real estate market.

Interior design has a promising future, evolving with technological advancements like virtual reality and sustainable design practices, catering to changing consumer preferences.

Hiring an interior designer brings professional expertise in optimizing space functionality, enhancing aesthetics, and ensuring the efficient execution of design projects, tailored to specific needs and preferences.

Last Updated: 22 December 2023



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