Studying Part-Time vs Full-Time

Can’t decide on a method of learning? No problem. Lets find out what suits you best by understanding studying part-time vs full-time.

The method in which you study could be very important as different methods suit different students. This is why it is important to understand the difference between studying part-time vs full-time. A qualification enables you to apply for specific jobs, but your mode of learning will affect how efficiently you complete your studies.

The Difference Between Part-Time and Full-Time Studies

The biggest difference between studying part-time and full-time is the amount of time required to complete the course. This means that where a full time student would be going to class from Monday to Friday, a part-time student would only spend 2-3hrs a week on their studies. Both modes of study provide benefits which outweigh their challenges.

Benefits of Studying Part Time

Studying part-time allows you certain opportunities which studying full-time does not. As a part-time student, your course is created in a way which allows you more flexibility with your time. Sounds great doesn’t it?  Below are a few awesome benefits!

  • You can work as classes often take place after office hours and on weekends.
  • Your classes are often accessible at your convenience.
  • The workload is spread out over a time period which makes it manageable.
  • This is available to different people with unique circumstances. 

Benefits of Studying Full-Time

Full-time students focus primarily on their studies. All that time spent on studies might seem scary, but it also means you finish your qualification a lot quicker! Below are a few benefits :

  • You will complete your qualification in a shorter period of time.
  • With one agenda, you are able to focus all your energy on your course.
  • During extended study breaks you are able to relax and prepare for the following semester.
  • You are able to create meaningful relationships at campus with students in the same field as you.
A male student sitting at his desk in front of a laptop. Studying Part Time vs Full Time.

Different Ways of Studying Part-Time and Full-Time

Now that you understand these two modes of studying, you can choose the one that works best for you. There are three main ways of learning. These are the distance, online and traditional Learning. All three provide unique benefits which appeal to different types of students.

Distance Learning

As the title implies, this learning method does not involve any physical interaction with your lecturers, tutors or fellow classmates. The responsibility is then on you to make sure you are up-to-date.

Online Learning

This often combines different forms of teaching and learning. The bulk of your work will be completed virtually. This means that you are able to complete your qualification from the comfort of your home.

Traditional Learning

This is the conventional method of completing your qualification. Much like school, it means going to physical classrooms with lecturers who provide lessons face-to-face. This method is provided by most universities.

How to Choose the Right Method

Once you understand ‘how’ you can study, it is important to ask yourself ‘why’ you are studying and ‘what’ your personal circumstances are. This is how you will make an informed decision about your studies. This is important as your method of choice could either make your qualification easier or more challenging.

Our courses are flexible and can be completed in a manner which is both convenient and affordable. These courses range across multiple fields and are geared around getting you qualified.

Let’s get Started

Are you ready to fulfill your potential? Well we are ready to get you there. After choosing your desired study method, choose the perfect course for you. Once you have selected your perfect match, you will be on your way to your dream career. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish. Start your educational journey by :

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Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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