Study Notes and Textbooks Developed Especially for Distance Learning

Everything you need to know about our study material that is specifically designed for the Distance Learning experience.

New to the world of Distance Learning and worried about how it all works? Skills Academy knows that the journey of distance learning can be daunting at first. This is why we have study notes and textbooks developed especially for Distance Learning to make things easier for you. 

Our Study Material

We have looked at all the pros and cons of distance learning and how to simplify the process. Our study material is written with all of this in mind. It takes into consideration your study time, your work-study balance, as well as prioritising study breaks for yourself. Here are some of the ways we ensure your success with our study notes and textbooks:

  • The material is written in simple English making it easy to understand
  • We schedule regular breaks in the notes and textbooks – this gives you time during breaks to absorb what you have learned and give your mind a rest. 
  • We teach you what you need to know 
  • You won’t be overloaded with information – our priority is to help you finish your coursework fast!

We want to deliver the best possible study material possible to our students. We are constantly working on fixing any errors that may appear in our study notes or textbooks. 

Study Notes and Textbooks Developed Especially for Distance Learning which will help you pass your course.

Benefits of our Study Notes and Textbooks

Distance Learning has a world of benefits to offer, as do our personalised study notes and textbooks. Our study material along with your determination and grit are a recipe for great results and success. Here are some of the benefits of using our study notes and textbooks: 

Your Studies on Your Time

We know that many of our students work while they study. In fact, this is one of the greatest perks of distance learning. This is why our study material is written in such a way that you can work at your own pace. Work as fast or as slow as you want to – your studies on your time. 

Coursework Covered in Short Chapters

Your coursework is chopped into short chapters for your convenience. Each chapter is short enough for you to be able to complete at least one chapter within a single study session. The priority for you to finish your course material as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Tons of Useful Examples

Our study material is filled with possible assessment, assignments and exam questions. You can go through these examples, practice and make sure you ace your next assessment or exam. This allows you to text your knowledge as you go along. We also provide space in your study notes for you to jot down any useful information to help you remember you work. 

Now you can let go of the anxiety of distance learning. Our textbooks and study notes will guide you through your coursework and help you to obtain the best possible results. Along with our study material we also offer online platforms where you will get assistance. Your success is also our success. Let’s embark on the journey together! 

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022