Study Further With Your Grade 10 Certificate

A grade 10 certificate is no longer a dead end. You have a range of courses waiting for you. Learn how to Study Further With Your Grade 10 Certificate.

If you don’t have your matric, don’t feel discouraged. With determination, motivation and your grade 10 certificate, you could reach goals beyond your imagination. Study Further With Your Grade 10 Certificate, and learn the skills that will take you above and beyond.

Why do Students Drop out at Grade 10?

Many adults only have a grade 10 certificate. But why is that? Everyone’s situation differs, so no clear reason can be given. However, back in the day, a grade 10 certificate was good enough to get yourself an entry level job. This short term solution turned into a long lasting problem, with many not being able to get the job they need. Other reasons students dropout are:

  • Inability to cope at school
  • Peer pressure
  • Getting a job to help make ends meet
  • Uninterested in going to school

The Reality of Students With Only a Grade 10 Certificate

Getting a job can be difficult. Even if you have a qualification and matric. It goes without saying that students with only a grade 10 certificate have a tougher time finding employment. They are faced with a reality which many have to endure.

Low Chance of Becoming Employed – Matric is the minimum qualification you need to get a job. Many job posts clearly state that if you don’t have matric, you wont be considered.

Financial Struggles – Not getting a job can lead to an unending cycle. When you don’t have a job, you can’t earn money, when you can’t earn money, you can’t afford your basic needs.

Stress – When you can’t find a job or earn money, it can negatively affect your mental and emotional well-being. It can lead to stress, insomnia, and even depression.

Settling for any Job – Not being able to get a job, leads many to the “take what you get” approach. Many people spend years working in a place that offers no growth.

Dropout or Complete School – Make the Right Choice

If you are currently in grade 10, and want to dropout for personal reasons, the choice is yours. But do not make a decision without a backup plan. If you are planning on lazing away at home, it would be best to stay in school. However, if you feel that completing your education at a college is a better option, speak to a course expert to make an informed decision. 

Can I Study Further With my Grade 10 Certificate?

Now that we know the implications of only having a grade 10 certificate, let’s move over to the positive side. Can you study further with your grade 10 certificate? Yes, you most certainly can. Your grade 10 certificate is no longer a dead end, but a doorway to new possibilities.

Choose Your Place of Higher Learning

Before you settle on a course, you need to choose your college. Where you study plays an important part in how you will study. With your grade 10 certificate, you can study at a:

FET College – Learn practical workplace skills while studying your course. Fet colleges allow you to work in your chosen industry, gaining on-the-job workplace experience and skills.

Distance Learning – Want to work and study at the same time? Choose distance learning. Here you can study whenever you want, from the comfort of your home, saving you time and money.

Courses you can Study With a Grade 10 Certificate

Your grade 10 certificate no longer limits you to retail and warehouse jobs. Our courses will teach you the tricks of the trade your career needs to move up the corporate ladder. Some of the courses you can study with your grade 10 certificate includes:

And so much more! Choose the right course for your future and start learning.

Matric is Still an Option

Still want to get your matric? That is still an option. Our Adult Matric Courses allows you to get your matric from the comfort of your home. No more night school. Fit your studies into your schedule and reach your study goals. To apply, you should:

  • Be 21 and older
  • Have the ability to read, write and understand English

Our Distance Learning Courses are a Perfect 10!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach your goals and start the career you’ve always wanted. The ball is your court, let’s make this happen! Contact our course experts for more info. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in our contact form for a call back
Last Updated: November 18, 2020


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