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What course is the best one to study?

It is not easy to find the right course to study. It is a big decision that you need to properly consider. Luckily, we at Skills Academy would like to help you. All you have to do is follow this 5 step process that will help lead you to the course of your dreams.

Step 1: Figure out why you want to study

This is the most important step. Figuring out exactly why you would like to study, because this determines exactly what courses you should consider. It also helps you to have a deep motivation when it comes to your studies. 

There are many more reasons for wanting to study, so if those reasons are not one of yours, that’s okay. All you have to do is find out the most important aspect that you want to study and focus on that.

Step 2: Find out what job you want for your future

You should consider what job you think you will enjoy, and if you would like to do that job for your foreseeable future. If you have a clear passion for a job it will always help to study in that direction. This is especially relevant if you are studying to better your career. If you are studying just because you are interested in something and like to learn more, then it is still worthwhile.

You are building into your interests and passions and that could very easily lead into a job. The best part of this job would be that you have a real interest in it.

It also helps to consider where this job will lead you and to make sure you will enjoy your future job. It won’t help studying for a job you are just going to hate, because you will try get out of that job

Step 3: Will I be accepted for the course I want to study

This is also an important step. Once you identify what course you would like to study, you need to make sure that you fulfil the course requirements for entering this course. This will differ depending on the institutions that you want to study at.

Universities, normally require you to pass grade 12 and to get certain marks for specific subjects. You can also study at an FET college, when you study at an FET college you normally only need a grade 9 or 10 certificate making it much easier to study at a College.

Some unique institutions require you to have work experience before you study a particular course with them, while others also have age requirements. You need to make sure of these requirements when looking to study a particular course.

Step 4: Get the support of your friends and family

This step may not seem important but it really helps, when you have the support of your friends and family when you study. You should explain to them why you have made the decision to study and what exactly you are going to study. This will allow you to feel much better about your studies, if you have the support and encouragement of all those close to you.

Step 5: Start Your Studies

Now that you know what you want to study, know that you can study it and have the support of those who care about you it’s time to start. Make a commitment to yourself to start studying as soon as you are able. Why delay when it comes to bettering your future.

I can’t afford to stop working, so that I can study – what now?

The good news is that you don’t have to stop working to pursue a beauty course. Home Study is best way to be able to study and still get to work every day – making sure that you don’t miss out on making money and farthing your education. You can sign up for and get qualified without missing one beautiful beat.

Fast track your studies with a short course

A short course is a great way to study. It is fast, easy, and accessible, and can be done part-time without any inconvenience. If you want to get ahead in your career studying a short course will give you definite career advantages and allow you the opportunity of branching out into new avenues, for instance if you are hair stylist you could study a short nail technology course and broaden your skill set easily.

The best thing about short courses is that they are affordable, so if you would like to start training you salon staff you can afford to get them all qualified – without breaking your bank.

Give yourself a leg up with a full qualifications

You might be wondering what the advantages of getting a full beauty qualification are? Apart from giving you a leg up in the beauty industry there are many advantages to qualifying this way. A full qualification gives makes you stand out from the crowd! 

When people are choosing a salon to use the competition is often stiff. If you have the certification, and the other person does not, you are at a definite advantage. It is also a great way to give you and your stylists’ confidence. When you have set your sights on a goal, put together a plan, work hard, and you reach it, you gain confidence, which spills over into all aspects of your life.

A full qualification will also give you tools to draw upon when needed. Having gone through all of the study and hard work, you have mastered a new body of knowledge. While it is said that “experience is the greatest teacher,” a certification “rounds you out.” This means that you can be a better mentor. The ability to mentor is based greatly on experience, but the best mentors can reach beyond their experience.

As a salon manager you want to be seen as a continuous learner. Learning is a value unto itself, and those around you will respect and admire you for it, and sometimes even be a little jealous!

A full qualification will enable you to better evaluate the talents and skills of others. With the discipline to master the material for the certification, you are in a better position to evaluate the skills of others. You have had the opportunity to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses in the process of earning the certification, and have a broader understanding of the skills and toolsets that can be effective.

Here is a useful slideshow to give you even more info:

Last Updated: 29th December, 2016

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