Students with no Matric

What courses can I study without a Matric certificate?

Not everyone manages to finish their matric….the good news is that you do not need to have a matric to start studying! Here is a list of distance learning courses you can study if you have no matric: 

Are you older than 23? Did you fail Matric? Have you just left school? Or did you leave school many years ago, but now you wish to study?

You might think that because you haven’t got a Matric that now you can’t study.  You are not alone – did you know that half of all pupils who go to school, drop out of the school system before they even get to matric. And over half the pupils who write matric, can’t go on to further studies – because of the wrong subjects, or low marks, or simply not getting a place at a college or university.

Don’t worry! There are many opportunities to study further; with Skills Academy you can still receive a quality education and achieve your career goals– even if you don’t have a Matric. Check on this great article on News24 for even more info for on why you don’t always need a Matric: What is this obsession with Matric?

students with no matric

No Matric? No problem!

No matric? Select the option that describes your situation and we shall give you the best advice and get you studying fast.


How many people do not ever get a Matric Certificate?

Education Minister Angie Motshekga released the 2015 matric exam results, revealing a pass rate of 70.7%. While many people celebrated the figure, Equal Education highlighted that a large percentage of students drop out before they write the final exams. For the 455,825 pupils who did pass their matric finals, 166,263 met entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree. The remainder may consider going straight into the workplace, but trade union Solidarity has painted a mixed picture for these candidates.

Solidarity recently released its Matric Report 2015, which stated that “a matric certificate does not seem to have a significant effect on a person’s chances of finding employment”.

“Among working people with matric as their highest qualification, only some 30% earned more than R6,400 a month in 2011,” stated Solidarity, basing its evidence on Census data. “According to the report, the South African labour market had already been swamped for decades by a vast oversupply of people with little or no training.”

Students With No Matric?

Many students see high school as a social gathering and do not focus on their academics as much as they should, it is only once they have to decide where to study and what they want to do with their lives, do they realise the importance of matric, and your whole school career for that matter. It is possible to leave school at the end of Grade 9 with a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC).

Twenty or thirty years ago it was possible to do further studies with this and build a substantial career for yourself. Unfortunately in the present day, to study further at any institute and for most basic jobs, a matric certificate is a necessity. You get different passing levels based on your results. The higher your marks, the better the qualification is that you can study for. The different levels are Higher Certificate Pass, Diploma Pass and Bachelor’s Certificate Pass.


What can I study without matric?



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Last Updated: January 16, 2018

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