Students with no Matric

Not everyone manages to finish their Matric. The good news? You don’t need to have a Matric to start studying! Below you will find a list of courses for Students with no Matric.

Students with no matric often think that their options are limited. They also believe that they only had one shot at getting their grade 12 or standard 10 certificate. That’s not true. You are allowed to dream big and go after what’s yours. Here at Skills Academy we give you plenty of chances and options to work towards your dream job. 

Why is Matric So Important?

Unemployment is a major issue in South Africa. In the first quarter of 2020, the unemployment rate rose to 30.1%. And therefore, the job market is getting quite competitive. Increase your chances of getting the job, by investing in your education. A matric certificate is a good start. 

Gain better job opportunities – There are a lot of jobs you can do with just a matric certificate. Recruiters give school leavers a chance to enhance their skills and work their way up the corporate ladder. Careers in sales and retail are popular options. 

Gives you more study options – You have more options to choose from when it comes to furthering your education. But your options will also depend on the symbol you received on your matric certificate and your marks. You may then decide to study at university or a college, and maybe even apply for a bursary. 

Senior citizen with with laptop. Students with no matric can get started at any age.

How can I get a Matric Certificate?

Go the ethical way in earning your marks and certificate. There are scams and illegal activity that surrounds getting your matric that will land you into trouble. But be the honest person and work for yours. You will be proud of your hard work if you do. 

Matric Upgrade

Live without any regrets and give yourself a second chance. If your matric results still haunt you and is holding you back from reaching your potential, then get an upgrade. You can rewrite the subjects you have failed or improve your marks. Getting an upgrade means you don’t have to redo matric, you just have to rewrite the subjects you’ve failed. 

Adult Matric

There is no age limit on getting your matric. The only limit is yourself. So what’s stopping you? There’s no need to go back to school and catch up on the years you’ve missed. You can apply with your grade 9 certificate and must be over 21 years old. 

Can I Study Without Matric?

There is this misconception that you are doomed if you don’t have matric. While a matric certificate can open more doors for you, it’s not your only option when it comes to studying. There are many courses that allow students with no matric to further their education. These courses are just as valuable as other study programmes with stricter entry requirements. The only difference is we allow everyone a chance to enrol.

Student writing in a notepad. Students with no matric have plenty of options

What can I Study Without Matric?

From accounting to wedding and events planning, there are plenty of studying options to choose from. You just have to find a course that interests you and one you can benefit from. 

Short Courses

Short courses are perfect for those who need to gain skills in a limited time frame. But they are also aimed at those who want to try distance learning out first. You can complete a course in just a few months and gain basic skills to enter the workplace. 

Provider Courses

Our provider courses are designed by industry professionals. They know exactly what recruiters are looking for, and carefully helped create our curriculum. These courses are non-accredited, but they are skill-based. That means you will gain job-based knowledge to help you step into a career. 

Accredited Courses

You can earn a qualification from industry greats like the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). Yes, you can still hold a respectable qualification even though you never finished matric. These courses are quality guaranteed. 

There is no easy way of getting your matric, there is only a more convenient way. And that is with a little help of distance learning. Students with no matric will also have to work hard to get their alternative qualification. But you will get the support you need with us and distance learning.

Reasons Distance Learning is Your Best Option

Distance learning has become more popular in recent times. This option allows you to study safely at the comfort of your own home. 

    • Choose your own hours – Work at a time that is convenient. Are you a morning person or night owl? Distance learning allows you to set up your own schedule. You may even work around your office hours. 

    • Take care of your responsibilities while you learn – Do you have kids that need to be taken care of? Don’t miss out on their growth to head off to college, when you can study from home. 

      There are no scheduled classes – That means that you don’t have to stress about making it to class on time. Or arrange with someone to look after the kids. Class is wherever you and your books are situated. 

    • Learn at your own pace – There’s no one to slow you down, and you don’t have to rush to keep up with anyone. You can study at a pace that makes it easy for you to understand your course material. 

    • Keep your job and further your education – No need to choose between school and your current job. You can do both with distance learning. 

Give Yourself a Chance to Live Without Regrets
Regret not finishing matric or improving your marks? It doesn’t have to stay that way. Get the results you deserve and earn your certificate. Or enrol for an alternative course. Speak to one of our course experts to help you get started. Call us for free on 0800 39 00 27, or fill out this contact form for a call back. 

Last Updated: September 3, 2021


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Charnell Ward
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