Stellenbosch Courses

Stellenbosch has more to offer than just beautiful landscapes. They have education on top of that beauty. Lets look at Stellenboach courses

Stellenbosch is a real gem in the Western Cape but it has some much more to offer than wine farms and majestic mountains. Stellenbosch also offers great institutions to do courses. Stellenbosch serves as a hub for students from all over the country.

What Courses are Offered in Stellenbosch?

Now that you know that Stellenbosch is the education hub let’s look at what courses are offered in Stellenbosch.


Want to become an accountant or bookkeeper? No problem. This is a very popular course and Stellenbosch doesn’t disappoint. You will find that there is more on offer than just accountant and bookkeeper courses.


Business is another popular course to study and can be found in Stellenbosch. You can choose between professional courses and accredited courses. Management or skilled based courses. There is a business course on offer in Stellenbosch for you.


Marketing is the communication between the business and the customer. Without marketers, there are no promotions, no advertising and no reaching out into new markets. All institutions need marketers and marketing courses in Stellenbosch could get you into the field of marketing.


If you are a creative person and would like a career in a creative field then consider one of their courses: Photography, Events planning or Interior decorating. All these are on offer in Stellenbosch.

Different Types of Courses

Everyone learns in different ways and the education system has grown so much. So much so that it accommodates the different learning types. Now we have colleges and universities that offer courses without any books. So what are these types of colleges?

Distance Learning

Distance learning is also known as correspondent learning is studying by means of post or pdf email. All your study material is sent to you and you get to study from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Distance learning is normally more affordable than your in-class learning colleges. Colleges like Skills Academy offer distance learning courses and we cover the Stellenbosch area.

Online Courses

Online colleges are completely online with all resources loaded in the course. These can be taken from anywhere in the world and certification is provided online. Most of these courses are not accredited as there are no written exams. But this is changing and more and more online colleges are offering accredited online courses.

In-class Learning

In-class colleges are your typical colleges that offer classes. You have to attend lectures, write exams, and travel to class. This is considered the most expensive means of studying.

What Course is Right for you?

Deciding what to study is a difficult task and will impact your future career. So why not consider first choosing your career then the course that matches. We have written a series of career articles that tell you everything you need to know. You will learn about the requirements, average salary, duties, etc. Choose your field of interest, then the career. Here are the main fields of interest:

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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