Small Business Management Courses

Many people dream about owning their own business. There is a lot that goes into opening your own business. Most people don’t know where to start. A course in Small Business Management is a great place to start. Short courses give you many useful skills in a very short space of time. Skills Academy has three different short courses in Small Business Management that you can study.

We Offer The Following Small Business Management Courses:

Small Business Management

Short Course in Small Business Management

A Short 4 Month Course with 2 Subjects that briefly covers the basics of Starting and Running your own Business successfully.

Small Business Management Certificate Course

Our Standard Course for this Career path. Here you      will learn all the fundamentals as well as some     problem solving techniques.

Comprehensive Certificate Course in Small Business Management

Our Most Advance Small Business Course that equips you with the Skills to Budget, Problem Solving and Business Etiquette Basics.

ICB Small Business Management Courses

ICB National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management

A 9 month Course that covers 4 fundamental       Business Subjects. This Course Requires Grade 11 to Start.

Small Business Management Courses

Small business management is an excellent field of study. If you are a current or prospective business owner, you can only benefit from registering for a small business management course. If it is your dream to start up your own business, then studying a course in small business management is a good place to start. But even if you don’t yet have any plans to start your own business, you can still benefit from studying any of our Small Business Management courses. You will acquire knowledge and skills that will assist you in any working environment.

What is small business management?

Small business management refers to the wide range of activities involved in running a small business, including: strategising, planning, and overseeing daily operations.

Entrepreneurship skills are essential to the success of any small business. If you do not have the necessary skills and insight, you will not be able to run your business effectively. Many small businesses fail due to poor business strategies and lack of proper management.

Small Business Management courses

Where can I study small business management?

There are various options to choose from when it comes to studying small business management:

  • Traditional classroom-based courses:

These courses are held at a physical campus. You will need to commute to and from campus to attend classes on a regular basis. You will be surrounded by other students and lecturers.

  • Distance learning courses:

Distance learning courses are designed to be studied at home. You will not need to attend classes, and you will be free to study at your own pace. You may have the opportunity to interact with other students online, or through informal discussion groups.

Small business management courses at Skills Academy:

At Skills Academy, we offer a range of business management courses via distance learning. Here is what you can expect when you register for one of our courses:

  • Study material that is relevant, up to date, and easy to understand.
  • Academic support from a personal tutor. We use phone calls, e-mails, post and Skype chats to communicate with you throughout your studies).
  • Affordable payment options. We give you the option to pay your course fees in monthly instalments.


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