Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Many South Africans dream of starting their own small businesses and of being able to work for themselves. This is particularly true in the current economic climate, where employers are regularly retrenching staff to cut costs. Lack of job security, together with tough competition in the job market, is making it more and more attractive for people to start their own businesses.

Starting up a small business requires some degree of skill and entrepreneurial spirit. However, even if you do not have a natural flair for business, you may still be able to start and run a small business successfully – there are courses and training programmes available to help you develop the necessary skills.

What exactly is small business management?

Small business management refers to the management of a small business. A small business is usually privately owned and operated. The legal definition of a small business differs from country to country, and can include anything from a corner shop to a home based hair salon. Small businesses generally have a limited number of employees.

Small business management and entrepreneurship, Management courses, Skills Academy

Why study small business management?

Here are a number of reasons why you might consider studying small business management:

    • To obtain business knowledge
    • To enhance a CV
    • To fulfil a dream of starting your own business
    • To gain new ideas
    • To learn how to manage an existing small business
    • To gain a deeper understanding of the role of small businesses in the economy
    • For personal enrichment

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Small business management and entrepreneurship, Management courses, Skills Academy

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