Skills in Demand in South Africa

Study towards these Skills in Demand in South Africa and get access to new job opportunities. Secure your future with these skills. They include management, admin skills and finance.
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Looking into studying further, but not sure which direction you should go into? Have a look at the skills in demand in South Africa. This will give you a clear idea of what skills and industries are looking for qualified workers. 

List of in-Demand Skills

South Africa has tons of growing industries. But in some cases, the demand for skilled workers simply does not match the supply. Students who are looking to use scarce skills to secure their future, would be smart if they consider studying in the following directions:

  • Health and Safety Manager 
  • Project Manager 
  • Marketing 
  • Finance 
  • Admin and Office Support 
  • Medical and Health 
  • Sales
  • Business and Management 
  • Information Technology 

For all, if not most of these, you don’t need a degree to enter the career field. You simply need some form of official training from a credible service provider. 

What can I Study? 

Here, at Skills Academy, we offer a variety of courses. Most of these relate to the skills in demand in South Africa. The best part? You can study without matric. Carefully look at the courses listed below and their entry requirements: 

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Finance

This is one of those course options that never go out of style. And surprisingly, South Africa is always in need of more workers who are financially skilled. You can enrol for this course with a Grade 10 or equivalent qualification. 

Business Management

Increase your career prospects and study business management. Here we have two options for you: 

  • NATED Business Management Courses: Get credible and earn your National Diploma. 
  • Provider Programmes: All you need to enrol is the ability to understand the English language. 

Financial Management

A financial management course gives you access to the following career paths: 

  • Investment Banker
  • Credit Manager 
  • Financial Manager 

For our NATED courses you must have a Grade 12 or equivalent qualification. Our provider programmes are open access – so all are welcome to enrol! 

Marketing Management

Marketing is a growing career field and has become a popular option with many students. We have provider programmes, NATED and Tourism Marketing as course options for you.

Project Management

Get in on the hustle and bustle of handling projects big and small! To enrol for these courses all you need is a basic understanding of English.  

Management Courses

Learn to lead with our management courses. You will learn versatile skills and open yourself up to a variety of job opportunities. Businesses always need leaders with credible skills.  

Personal Assistant Courses

Become the right- hand person to the movers and shakers of the world. Office skills are sought after. So even if you don’t go into that direction, it will be useful in any career. 

Sales Management

 To succeed all businesses need strategies to up profits, manage their losses and market themselves. That is where you will come in. Learn all you need to know with these courses

Get Skilled to Get Ahead

Up your job opportunities and study towards these skills in demand in South Africa. Contact our course consultants today: 

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022