Skills Development and Staff Training

Need to train your staff? Skills Academy offers training courses that are specifically aimed at training staff and keeping them engaged. Find out more here!

Are you a business owner? Do you need to train your staff?  We here at Skills Academy have the solution for you in the form of training courses that are specifically aimed at training your staff and keeping them engaged at work. We are intent on helping companies train their employees to become more effective and efficient, adding to business growth and social upliftment. Get skills development and staff training right here! 

At Skills Academy we work with companies and businesses who want to advance the skill level of their employees leading to a direct and indirect improvement of life for their family and community. All culminating  toward a more productive, educated person.

Having a “caring” manager is one of the key elements to a positive and successful employee engagement strategy. Employees want to feel valued and have their manager take an interest in their personal lives, health, and well-being. Employee engagement is highest among those who take pride in working for their company, by building skills with enthusiasm, empowerment, inspiration and confidence.

How can I Inspire and Empower my Staff so That They are Engaged?


Training your staff is the number one way of keeping your staff and keeping them engaged. Training is also an investment in your business. Your staff are your most valuable asset and making sure they are trained with the skills and knowledge they need is essential for meeting your business goals. Training helps you get the most out of your staff and increases their job satisfaction, which can help you retain staff and avoid the expense of recruitment.

In addition, we will assist you to claim back a part of the cost of the training from Skills Development. You can find out more about how to claim back here: How to claim skills levies. We have all the required information and expertise that turns bureaucratic into easy.

A group of staff members partaking in skills development and staff training

How can I Train my Staff?


As an employer, you are legally obliged to make sure you provide staff with work health and safety training so they know how to do their jobs safely. You may also need to provide industry-specific training relating to your business, to ensure that they are able to do their work correctly.

Skills Academy can assist you, by providing a range of workplace applicable home study courses, ranging from Management and Leadership Courses to Frontline/Reception Training.

We offer distance learning programmes which can be done while working (not at work) without affecting the daily job requirements. When you enroll your staff you get monthly updates on each employees progress and how they are doing.

We pride ourselves on providing the best workplace skills courses available, Skills Academy is Accredited by FASSET, via the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers), a Quality Assurance Partner of FASSET, and now of the QCTO, and we encourage our clients to bring us their specific challenges so that we can help them to find proactive solutions.

Review our Fantastic Workplace Training Programmes:


Workplace Skills Courses

Last Updated: December 3, 2021


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