Skills Academy Subject Certificate in Delegating for Results

Why should I study Delegating for Results?

Delegation can be a very effective business tool when implemented correctly. Its application means breaking up a large task or project into smaller tasks and handing these out to subordinates. In this way a big project can be finished more efficiently. By using it you can also decrease and level out workload when tasks become too much for one individual.

What will be covered in this topic?

  • Introduction to Business English
  • The Role of the Manager
  • Analyzing Personal Delegation Skills
  • Preparing to Delegate
  • Selecting the Right Person
  • Making the Delegation
  • Preparing Employees for Delegation
  • Potential Delegation Problems and How to Handle Them
  • Using Delegation as a Tool in Managing Change


What is the recommended period of study?

3 months

How will I be assessed?

Skills Academy will require you to complete the recommended assignments. The assignments are designed to help you through your learning to make sure that you completely understand all the topics covered and that you can apply this to your working environment.

What certificate will I get?

You will be awarded with a Skills Academy Subject Certificate in Delegating for Results.

As Skills Academy values education and cares about our students, your completion award will be sent to you via courier so that you receive it as soon as possible and without any delays.

When can I start?

You can start right now! Fill in the form below and a friendly Student Consultant will contact you to ensure this is the right course for you.

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