Skill Stacking to Help Your Career

The best way to secure your future? Use Skill Stacking to Help Your Career! Skill Stacking is a method of learning where, instead of focusing on one area of study, you get skilled in a variety of skills.
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So you’ve picked a career and settled on a course. What’s the next step? To specialise in that field, right? Wrong! 

The way careers work is changing rapidly. If you want to future-proof your path, you must have a range of diverse skills. Start skill stacking to help your career and become an industry all-rounder. 

What is Skill Stacking?

The concept of skill stacking is simple. Instead of focusing all your energy into mastering one set of skills, you invest time into learning a range of skills that, when put together, work well together. 

For example, you might want to work in marketing. But, you can’t only focus on marketing strategies. Other skills that will be useful are writing, web design and management. Put all these together and you will be a force to be reckoned with. 

5 Ways Skill Stacking can Help Your Career

Skill Stacking is an easy, but a powerful way for you to become valuable in any organisation. Land your dream job or get that next promotion! Listed below are five ways skill stacking can help your career. 

Stand out From the Crowd

The more skills you have, the more valuable you are for a company. Stand out from the pack with your diverse range of skills. 

Learn how to Learn 

When you get into a habit of learning, it becomes easier to identify study methods and tools that work for you. Making it easy the next time you want to gain knowledge. 

Develop Your Self-Confidence 

Reading and understanding topics you are unclear on, will give you a confidence boost. Employers will recognise that you are self-assured and confident. 

A Combined Skill-Set

Find a combination of skills that make you unique and focus on that. You do not need to master these, but having a basic understanding of a set of things will help you succeed. 

See Things Other Don’t

Because you’ll be skilled in various aspects, you will be able to pick up on things others won’t. You will be able to solve problems in a unique and creative way. 

How Does Skill Stacking Work

While skill stacking is not a new concept, it is fairly unheard of. Get an idea of how it works below: 

  • You focus on the skills that you have to create an edge. Marketing, networking, technical, design, etc.
  • Even if you don’t have a skill, you can learn it to set yourself apart from others.
  • You mix seemingly normal skills together and become extraordinary in your own right.
A group of professional working together. use Skill Stacking to Help Your Career.

Examples of Skill Stacking

No matter what industry you are in, using skill stacking to help your career is a great strategy. Listed below are some easy examples of how skill stacking works. 

Make-up Artists 

The beauty industry is a competitive field. It takes a lot of work to make yourself stand out. However, there are spaces you can use to your advantage. For example, why not combine your existing clientele and expand it through a Youtube channel?

  1. Make-up Skills: Do a course in beauty to gain the practical knowledge to apply make-up. 
  2. Industry Knowledge: Working on clients and networking will give you insider knowledge. 
  3. Presentation Skills: Learn these skills to present your beauty tips in an easy-to-understand way.
  4. Video Creation Skills: Enrol for a photography course and create professional looking videos for your channel.   


To become a good blogger you need a mix of skills. Writing, web design and marketing skills will make your online presence stand out. 

  1. Marketing and Business Strategy: Many bloggers do not develop this skill well enough. But if you learn business and marketing strategies, you will take your web page to the next level.
  2. Design and Coding: Don’t get stuck with technical errors. Enrol into a basic computer course to learn the basics of design and coding.
  3. Writing: Enrol for a professional writing class or do a course that teaches you language skills. 
  4. Analytical Skills: If you get stuck, you need analytical skills to help you work through challenges. 

To run a successful blog, you can also develop your public speaking skills, learn how to do podcasts and video edit. This will help you stay ahead of trends. 

Software Engineer 

If you are a software engineer then you already have the technical skills to do your job. But, maybe you need networking skills to promote yourself? A possible skill stack for this career path would be: 

  1. Technical: You already have these skills. Maybe spruce up on your knowledge with a short course. 
  2. Networking: Learn how to use LinkedIn and other networking tools to your advantage. The internet is full of resources that will help with this. 
  3. Presentation: Get an idea of how to present yourself and your ideas professionally.
  4. Marketing: Have a look at how a CV should look. Maybe enrol for a CV writing workshop to learn how to market your achievements and skills well. 

The best courses for skill stacking? Short courses. Learn knowledge in a short amount of time and fill any gaps you may have. 

Stack Your way to Success 

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022