Should I Study Part-Time?

Have you asked yourself “Should I Study Part-Time”? Well we are here to help you make your decision. Find out if this is the right study option for you.

Working while studying full-time can be stressful, as it needs a lot of commitment and discipline. There are however, options available, that will help you balance studies and daily life, such as part-time courses. Wondering Should I Study Part-Time? Learn more about this great study option right here.

Benefits of Studying Part-Time

Studying part-time is a great way to learn skills, even when you have a busy schedule. There are many advantages of studying part-time. These include:

Part- Time Studies, Full-Time Job

There are many forms of part-time courses. Some are after hours and others are through distance learning. This allows you to have a full-time job while studying at the same time. 

Earn While you Study

In this day and age, we all need a steady income, and can not afford to miss out on work. Studying part-time allows you to earn money while learning valuable skills and knowledge.

Flexible Study Hours

We all have responsibilities that we need to take care of. Studying full-time doesn’t provide the flexibility part-time studies would. You’ll also have more time to take care of yourself.

Gain Work Experience While Studying

Work experience is very important. It is necessary to advance your career. Make sure you fill the gaps in your CV by gaining work experience and knowledge at the same time.

Choosing Between Full-Time and Part-Time Studies

Not sure if you should study full-time or part-time? There are a few things to consider when making your decision. Below are some guidelines that will help you make your choice.

Duration – Part-time courses take longer to complete than full-time courses. If you don’t want that commitment of studying twice as long, you might want to consider studying full-time. If you have time to spare, part-time courses are a great choice for you.

Responsibilities – It’s difficult juggling work, family and daily life. If you have too much on your plate already, you might want to study part-time. It allows you to spend enough time on all your duties. If you’re young with no responsibilities, choose a full-time course.

Focus – Not everyone can multitask. And studying part-time means that you have a lot to focus on. If you can’t multitask, it’s best to complete one chapter before starting a new one. Complete your studies full-time first before taking on new responsibilities. 

Women holding books wondering "Should I Study Part-Time?" Read on Below for more information.

How to Manage Work While Studying

If you think studying part-time is for you, then having an effective study plan is essential. The key to studying and working is all about balance. When you’ve mastered this, studying while working will be a breeze.

Create a Study Schedule

When you create a study schedule, you will be able to prioritise your studies and work. It allows you to allocate enough time to all your responsibilities. It shows you what to focus on first and what needs the most attention. Remember to squeeze in an off day as well.

Inform Your Employers

Rushing off to class or submitting assignments while at work? Inform your employers about your studies in case you have an exam coming up that will require you to ask for leave. Who knows, you might be able to get your employer pay for your studies.

Get Enough Rest

Upgrading your career and moving up the corporate ladder is great. However, you need to rest and take days off from work and studies. This will prevent you from becoming overworked. Not resting will affect you mentally, which can cause your work and studies to suffer.

Skills Gained as a Part-Time Student

There are many career benefits of studying part-time. It teaches you the soft skills you need, no matter what field you are in. Some of these soft skills you can gain includes:

  • Time management skills – Time is valuable, so you need to learn how to effectively manage your time. Learn how to stick to deadlines and complete work quickly and efficiently.
  • Organisational skills – Juggling work and studies? No problem! Stay ahead of the game by knowing how to manage work, thorough planning and setting goals.
  • Computer skills – When you study part-time, a lot of your work will be from home. This allows you to brush up on your computer skills, in case you run into any technical problems.
  • Problem-solving skills –  Need to study but have to work? Allow your problem-solving skills to shine by coming up with ideas to solve these problems. It also taps into your decision-making skills and creativity.

Study Part Time via Distance Learning

If you want to work and study at the same time, why not choose distance learning? Here you can study from home at your own pace. It allows for flexible learning, even if you have a busy lifestyle. Distance Learning colleges offer many great courses alongside amazing benefits.

Courses you can Study Part-Time

Studying part-time has never been easier. Improve your skills by studying one of our courses. Become one step close to your dream job.

Short Courses

If you want to learn skills in a short amount of time, choose short courses. It teaches you the basic skills you need. If you don’t want to make a huge commitment but want to gain skills, this is your best bet. Some of our short courses you can dive into include:

Study Without Matric

Don’t have matric? Well that shouldn’t stop you from studying further. Advance your skills with our courses where you can study without matric, without missing a day at work. We offer:

Want to complete matric but too tired to attend night school after work? You can study your matric with us, all via distance learning.

Part-Time Courses Towards a Fulfilled Career

Don’t let a busy lifestyle stand in your way of studying further. Study part-time with us and start at any time, and at your own pace. Contact us and one of our course experts will help you through the quick and easy process. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in our contact form for a call back
Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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