Setting Career Goals in 2021

It’s a new year! Which means you have 365 days to reach your goals. Find out How to Set Career Goals in 2021 and take your professional life to the next level this year!

It’s out with the old and in with the new! Make this year yours by setting career goals in 2021. Career goals help you focus, stay on track and come up with effective plans to reach your aims. Start today! 

5 Tips to Setting Career Goals 

Now that we have put the horror that was 2020 behind us, it is time to focus on your future. Not sure where to start? Use the tips listed below to set your 2021 career goals. 

  1. Take Time to Develop a Vision 
  2. Make Sure Your Goals are Realistic
  3. Set Measurable Goals
  4. Put Your Career Goals in Writing
  5. Get Advice From Mentors

Take Time to Develop a Vision

When setting career goals, it’s best to start with your end goal in sight. For example, if you are a secretary and one day wish to move into management, you should write this down. This will make it easier to identify which steps you should take next. 

Make Sure Your Goals are Realistic

Yes, you should dream big. But, your aims should still be realistic. If they are not, you will become discouraged and frustrated.  

Set Measurable Goals

Measuring your success is a good way to stay motivated. Tracking your progress helps you identify if the strategies you have in place are working or if you need to re-evaluate your current plans.  

Put Your Goals in Writing 

Write out a detailed description of your career goals for 2021. Also draw a map of how you plan to achieve these with a timeline. Put this where you can see them daily. 

Get Advice From Mentors

Seek out people who inspire you. Ask them how they have gotten so far in their careers and which steps they took. You can use their stories as a guideline to success. Make your intentions and ambitions clear to them. You mentors might be able to aid you in getting there!  

A calendar of 2021. Use this to write our your career goals for the year. Find out how to set career goals in 2021 right here!

What are Some Good Career Goals? 

Feeling lost on what some good career goals are? Don’t get stuck on this. If you have a clear path you want to follow this won’t be a problem for long. 

To get clarity on what your career goals for 2021 should be, ask yourself the following questions:

What did you accomplish in 2020? 

Before you start thinking about 2021, first reflect on your accomplishments of 2020. Whether these be big or small. Writing down your accomplishments will give you a positive mindset to set your 2021 career goals. 

What are you passionate about?

Pick one or two things that you are really passionate about. Focus on improving on these skills during this year. Maybe you have organised virtual events and really enjoyed it? Why not do a short course in event management to gain credibility. 

What do you definitely NOT want to do?

With the stress of the previous year still in the air, you definitely do not want to spend time doing things you dislike. Knowing what your boundaries are professionally will help you identify what direction you would like to venture into this year. 

What can you accomplish by yourself? 

Which goals are you able to complete by yourself? This will include things like learning a new skill online or enrolling for a distance learning course. You can also pick up tips on how to network and build meaningful relationships within the workplace this year. 

What would your perfect day look like?

Your short term goals should all work towards achieving your big career goal. If you dream of working remotely or spending 5 hours at the office then implement small goals to help you achieve that one day.  

Make 2021 YOUR Year!

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Last Updated: 4 February 2021