Self-Driven Learning is The New Normal

The World of Learning is Continuously Changing and Those Who Possess The Qualities of a Self-Driven Learner Are More Likely To Keep Up. It Requires You To Take Responsibility Beyond Preparing for Exams and Doing Well But The List of Benefits are Endless!

Self-driven learning has become the new normal. Students are more responsible for their own learning beyond preparing and doing well for exams and tests.

Tertiary institutions which have already adopted Self-Driven/ Distance Learning:

Self-Driven Learning is a Process

Self-Driven Learning  has Four Steps, namely:

  1. Assess Readiness to Learn
  2. Set Learning Goals
  3. Engage in the Learning Process
  4. Relook at Learning

Assess Readiness to Learn

Look at your current situation, study habits, family situation and support network. It also includes overlooking past experiences with independent learning

Set Learning Goals

You can find questions to consider when mapping out your learning goals here. To set up learning goals you need to want to grow.

Engage in the Learning Process

You need to understand yourself. Understand your learning preferences as well. And your needs as a self-directed learner.

Relook at Learning

To be a successful self-directed learner you need to assess your goals and progress. It is also important to seek feedback from student support. 

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Benefits of Self Driven Learning

There are various benefits to adopting self-driven learning:

  • It promotes self confidence as well as hard work
  • You become a lifelong learner
  • It provides more opportunities
  • Students apply more of their skills. For example thinking, research, self-management, social and communication skills.
  • It increases collaboration and interaction with family members and friends
  • You can study and work at the same time
  • Students have more freedom
  • You do not have to travel to and from school

Qualities of Self Driven Learners

Self driven learners have certain qualities. These qualities include:

  • Learning because you want to, not because you have to
  • Self-awareness
  • Willing to take risks
  • Likely to finish what you started
  • Proactiveness

Learning Because You Want to Not Because You Have To

A self-driven learner asks more questions and gives more time to seeking the answers. If you follow your interests you are more likely to develop and gain the skills to achieve your life goals.


You are willing to admit that you do not know everything. Self-driven learners also understand what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Risk Taker

Self-driven learners step outside their comfort zones and take big risks. These types of learners are also more confident in their abilities.

You Finish What You Start

You refuse to give up and don’t let setbacks distract you. When self-driven learners experience challenges they want to succeed even more.

Proactive Learner

You’re always two steps ahead of the rest. You’re adaptive and don’t wait for the ‘right moment’ to start working.

How to Regain Motivation

Sometimes self-driven learners lose focus. You can follow these steps to regain motivation:

  1. Relook at your Motivation
  2. Decide what steps you need to take
  3. List your intentions
  4. Become Accountable

Relook at your motivation

Look at why you started this in the first place and where you want to be.

Create an Action Plan

Decide what steps you need to take to reach your goals.

List your intentions

Make a list of what you intend to get out of the study program or course that you are doing.

Become Accountable

Don’t let yourself off the hook. Take responsibility for giving up and losing focus on your goals.

We Know You’ve Got What It Takes

If you have the qualities of a self-driven learner then look no further! Distance Learning provides students with endless amounts of benefits and perks. To find out more about how to apply for our distance learning courses:

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Last Updated: 10 December 2020