Secretarial Studies

Secretarial Studies


Secretarial studies offers students the opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge. Such skills and knowledge can prepare you for working in all sorts of environments.


Secretaries can be found in almost every type of industry, sector, discipline or field. If you are skilled and experienced in this type of work, you are therefore unlikely to run out of job options and possibilities. Should you get bored in one type of environment, you may very well have the option of moving to another one.


Courses in secretarial studies vary greatly: they cover different aspects, they focus on different outcomes, and they take different periods of time to complete. Before you choose a particular course, you should know what it is that you hope to achieve by studying a secretarial course.




What exactly is secretarial studies?


Secretarial studies deals with the broad range of tasks, competencies, knowledge and skills used by secretaries during their daily work. It is a very broad field of study, as there are many relevant subjects to cover.


There are also a number of specialised courses on offer in the secretarial field: personal assistant courses and office administration courses are only two examples. Many people make use of the terms “secretary”, “personal assistant” and “administrative assistant” interchangeably, as the roles sometimes overlap. Depending on the working environment, however, the functions of a secretary may differ somewhat from that of a personal or administrative assistant.


Should I study a secretarial course?


Choosing a field of study is something that you need to do for yourself. No-one else can tell you what you should study. You need to choose something that feels right for you, and you need to be comfortable with your decision.


Here are a few reasons why you might choose to study a secretarial course:


        • It can prepare you for a career as a secretary or administrative assistant.


        • It can equip you with skills that are relevant to other disciplines (or to other aspects of your life).


        • It can teach you skills that will be valuable if you ever decide to start your own business.


        • Secretarial skills are in demand all over the world.


        • It can help you to get a foot in the door in the job market.


        • It can enhance your CV.


        • It can show current or prospective employers that you are serious about your studies and your career.






The practicality of studying secretarial courses


You may be wondering where you can study secretarial courses. Choosing a training provider can become very confusing, especially when almost every institution offers different types of secretarial courses. Skills Academy offers a practical solution if you wish to study and work at the same time: distance learning courses at Skills Academy give you the opportunity to study at a pace that suits your individual needs. Studying via distance learning also allows you to choose between studying either part-time or full-time, depending on what suits you best. You can study from the comfort of your own home at a time that works for you. You are completely in control and will have the opportunity to create your own studying schedule.



Skills Academy offers the following Secretarial Courses:


Receptionist Courses



Personal Assistant Courses



Professional Secretary Courses



ICB Office Administration Courses



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