Retail Management Certificate Course

Skills Academy Certificate in Retail Management

Why should I study retail management?

Retail managers focus on their customers’ experience within their store. They ensure that their products are merchandised for maximum exposure and that their employees are trained in excellent customer service and salesman skills. A store needs to be as pleasurable and shopping needs to be as convenient to the customer as possible. When the customer’s needs are met in a successful way it will boost sales and profitability of the retail business.

How will this course be structured?

Short Course Subjects: 4 Subjects

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Teaches you about customer loyalty, CRM basics, preparing and implementing CRM and how to use e-CRMA

  2. Build and Close the Sale

    Learn how to keep current on advertising and promotions, use great sales techniques, recognise buying signals and motivate the sale to your customers.

  3. Preventing Loss

    Learn how to monitor your stock levels and prevent theft, what to do in the case of theft and also how to prevent and identify fraud within your business.

  4. Stocking the Shelves

    Teaches you the basics of monitoring inventory, how to get it ready to sell, how to place it in the store, handling returned merchandise and returning stock to vendors. Also teaches you how to do stock take.

How long is the course?

6 months

How many assignments are there?

You will be required to submit eight (8) Assignments

How will I be assessed?

Skills Academy will require you to complete the recommended assignments. The assignments are designed to help you through your learning to make sure that you completely understand all the topics covered and that you can apply this to your working environment. There are absolutely no exams for this course.

What certificate will I get?

You will be awarded with a Skills Academy Certificate in Retail Management.

As Skills Academy values education and cares about our students, your completion award will be sent to you via courier so that you receive it as soon as possible and without any delays.

When can I start?

You can start right now! Fill in the form below and a friendly Student Consultant will contact you to ensure this is the right course for you.

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