Recheck vs. Remark for Matric Results

Get the marks you deserve that could stand between you and your matric certificate. Find out more about Recheck vs. Remark for Matric Results right here.

Not getting the matric results you want is not the end of the world. You still have the option of getting your marks rechecked or remarked. Find out more on Recheck vs. Remark for Matric Results and how it can help you get the marks you deserve. 

What is a Recheck?

A recheck is when your marks for a certain matric paper or subjects gets checked again. All answers and mark allocation will be calculated and checked to determine if the correct score was given.  The cost of a recheck is R27 per subject.

What is a Remark?

When an entire exam answer sheet is marked over again, that is a remark. A remark costs R112 per subject. It is more expensive as the answer sheet needs to be marked and the marks allocated needs to be calculated as well.

How to Apply for a Recheck or Remark

You need to apply for a recheck and remark online. But don’t waste any time. You only get a short amount of time after the release of the matric results to request this. These dates are yet to be announced, but closing dates are usually a week after the results are released.

Teacher marking answer sheets in a classroom. Learn more about Recheck vs. Remark for Matric Results Right here.

Importance of a Recheck/ Remark

You have already gone through the stress of the exam and the thought of a remark and recheck is too much hassle. But those few percentages could stand between you and admission to higher learning. Benefits of a remark and recheck include: 

Get the marks you deserve – Everyone makes mistakes. If the marker missed a marked, then here is your chance to get the marks you deserve.

Opportunity to enrol for the course you need – Want to enrol for a course, but do not qualify? Get a recheck or remark. It could be just what your results need.

It could increase your APS – You may think a percentage is not that much. But it makes a difference between a bachelor and diploma pass. Up your APS with a remark or recheck.

Make the Supplementary Exam Your Third Option

So you know that you may not have studied as much as you should, but would still like to get higher marks. Apply for a supplementary exam. The Department of Basic Education announced that the closing date for supplementary exam applications is 12 March 2021. Find out if you qualify and level up your marks. Also, don’t forget to prepare for your supplementary exam. 

Get the Marks You Deserve

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Last Updated: 11 March 2024