Register a Friend

Do you know of someone that wants to study? If you register a friend with Skills Academy, both of you get a month free study time! Refer a friend to register, and both of you score on your studies.

Get a Month for Free When you Register a Friend

Not only will you get a month free study time, but also a month of not paying. It is our little thank you for registering a friend with us.

A Month for Free

We have some students studying month after month for free because they are sending so many of their friends to register with us. Having friends studying with you could make studying easier. You guys can discuss the work and have someone to help you stay motivated and determined.

How do you Register a Friend?

Follow the steps below to get your friend registered.

  1. Complete the form below. You will get your personal referral code.
  2. Tell your friend about us and give them your code to use when they register. (If you give us your friend’s contact details, we can send them course information and brochures).
  3. When your friend registers, let us know so that we can give YOU a free month of study time immediately – as a thank you from us to you!
  4. Give your friend your code to use when he or she registers so that we can also give your friend a free month as well.

Give Your Details

  • Refer up to 3 of your friends:
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Last updated: 22 September 2018

We Will Call You

  • We shall call you back as soon as we have a line available.

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