Skills Academy Project Management Studies

With our project management studies, you will learn to move quickly and effectively through the different stages of managing a project. You will learn to start, plan, control and finish a project on time and within budget. Learn all the skills needed to run projects well and grow in your career.

Skills Academy Offers the Following Project Management Courses:

Project Management Studies

Short Course In Project Management

 This is a short project management course that is made up two subjects, and can be completed within four months.

Advanced Certificate in Project Management

This is our most advanced project management course, perfect for someone who has past experience in project management.

Proficiency Certificate in Project Management

The proficiency certificate in project management is made up of four subjects, and can take you up to six months to complete.

What is Project Management About? 

Any project is a series of tasks which is short-term and has a clear beginning and end with specific goals set out by the project manager (the one who leads other team members in the project). Everything from hiring new staff, advertising new products,  putting together events and putting up a new building are all examples of projects.

The main aim of project management is simply to get things done, a simple concept, but not easy to put into practice. As a project manager, you will be involved with the creation of the project idea, the gathering of team members, controlling, monitoring and making changes in the project where you see fit.

Is This the Right Field for you?

You want to make sure that that you have the right type of personality to succeed in this career if you:

Want to get Into a Career Quickly

Here are 22 million reasons to study Project Management. Project Management Institute (PMI) states that the demand for people skilled in Project Management will grow by 33%. This is equal to 22 million new jobs by the year 2027, you can read up on PMI’s great news here.

Do not Like Boredom

Two days are hardly ever the same in this career. You work with a whole team of people with different personalities, and tackle a wide range of issues with different skills for each situation.

Don’t Have a Problem Saying no

As a project manager, there will be plenty of times when you have to say no, not only to members of your team but to your boss and manager as well.

Can Stay Calm Under Pressure

This is a very important skill to have in your career and to show during an interview. When times are tough, we will often look at our leaders to give us a solution on what to do next. To be able to be effective under pressure you have to be able to keep calm. We cannot have too many angry project managers running around in the world, or hardly any projects would get done properly, if not at all.   

Where Will you Find Work in Project Management?

Project Management Studies

Skills Academy: Project Management Studies


  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Information Technology Industry
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Finance

Job Titles:

  • Project Director 
  • Project Assistant 
  • Program Manager
  • Project Lead
  • Project Coordinator
  • Resource Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Budget Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Quality Control Manager 

How Much do Project Managers Earn?

As stated by Payscale, on this is what project managers working in South Africa earn per year.

  • Project Management Director: R845,013 Per Year
  • Project Assistant:  R151,478 Per Year
  • Project Coordinator: R208,162 Per Year
  • Procurement Manager: R427,207 Per Year
  • Risk Manager: R500,966 Per Year
  • Quality Control Manager: R291,330 Per Year  

List of Project Management Courses:

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Written By: Robin Louw

Last Updated: September 07, 2018

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