Career Options in Project Management

The career options in project management are plenty. Here we will explore the different fields of project management careers and how you can sign up to study with us at Skills Academy.


Construction Project Management Jobs

Project management in construction involves managing and controlling all tasks in construction. The role of a construction project manager is to make sure that construction projects are completed on time, stay within budget, and stay in line with the appropriate quality and safety standards.

career options in project management

International Project Management Jobs

If you are interested in working in project management overseas, you can look at some of the following options:

    • work for a local branch of a company that offers travel or relocation opportunities
    • apply for positions that are advertised by international project management companies
    • work for a local company that is involved in international projects.

IT Project Management Jobs

This form of project management stands out from the others in the sense that it deals specifically with how information is handled using computer software and hardware.


Business Project Management Jobs

A business project manager performs all the general tasks that need to be done for a business-related project. He or she may also need to pay special attention to different aspects of the project, such as:

    • business analysis
    • business strategy.

What can I do to Prepare for a Career in Project Management?

To become a project manager, you will need the right qualification, skills, and knowledge in order to manage a project and to make sure that it is completed successfully.

Experience also plays an important role in project management. This is why you should take every opportunity that you can get in order to gain the necessary experience. Even if it involves managing informal small-scale projects.


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Written by: Michael Kritzinger

Last updated: May 06, 2019

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