Professional Qualifications

Professional Qualifications are courses that equip you for the work environment and boost career prospects.

If you are thinking of studying further you have probably been bombarded with educational terms that have your head spinning. There are all sorts of things you need to consider before enrolling into a program.

Benefits of Professional Qualifications

  • Professional qualifications will make your CV more credible
  • It could boost your career and earning potential.
  • The courses are extremely comprehensive and could help you to decide where you may want to specialise in the future.
  • Build your confidence

Before making your decision, have a look at what professional qualifications are and how they can assist in your bright future.

What is the Difference Between Professional Qualifications and Academic Qualifications?

Are you applying at colleges or maybe for jobs and come across the terms professional qualifications and academic qualifications? 

Academic qualifications are studies in an academic field. The purpose of these qualifications are to impart knowledge on a certain subject matter. These types of qualifications prioritise theory and are not focused on preparing students for a specific profession. More often than not, students with these qualifications won’t be using their knowledge in their workplace. These types of qualifications can be obtained through universities. 

On the other hand, professional qualifications are entirely focused on getting you work ready. The skills and knowledge you learn will be more career focused. Certain career paths expect you to have a certain amount of knowledge and skills before you are able to work. It can take anywhere between a few weeks and months to achieve certain professional qualifications. What is useful in obtaining a professional qualification is the flexibility these courses have to offer which helps working students. Many professional courses are done part-time or are offered through distance learning.

A woman dressed in a blazer on her way to a job interview after obtaining her professional qualifications.

Why is a Professional Qualification Important?

Often, professional qualifications are seen as lesser than academic qualifications. This is not true. Many employers find that individuals who have professional qualifications are more prepared for the realities of the work environment. With this type of education you are able to learn valuable skills and apply them daily in your job. No theory, no research, but rather real life experience. Which is often the best way to learn. 

Expand Your Skill set

You will gain job-related skills, as well as refreshing any knowledge you may already have. You will have the chance to learn completely new skills and expand your knowledge. 

Gain Access to More Courses and Qualifications

We all have to start somewhere right! After completing a professional course you will be able to gain access to more courses and qualifications. 

Broaden Career Opportunities

The more skills you have the broader your career prospects are. Employers are looking for workers who are skilled and work ready. More skills means more access to a variety of jobs. 

Improve Your Chances of Career Progression

Employers want you to study further. This improves not only your skills, but also the quality of work their company provides. Talk to your employers and find out if there are funds available for employees who want to study further. You might be surprised how supportive they are. 

Show Commitment 

Getting your dream job will take time and lots of learning. Show your commitment to potential employers by furthering your studies.


The majority of students who enrol into professional courses who are usually older and more established in their careers. This gives you, as a working profession or recent graduate, to network with the right people. You might get a job opportunity simply by knowing the right people. 

Feel Empowered

Yes, your career and financial prospects are important. But so is your self-empowerment and fulfillment. Give your confidence a boost and gain new skills. 

Consider how professional qualifications will assist with your goals and career. Enrolling into a professional course might just be the push you need. 

Examples of Professional Qualifications

Now that you know more about professional qualifications you might be wondering what courses are available to you and where you can study. Distance learning is a great option, especially if you are working and wish to use these qualifications to improve your current career prospects. All Skills Academy’s courses are aimed at ensuring you are work ready when you complete our courses.  With us, you have an endless amount of professional training you can enrol into: 

The length and entry requirements for these courses will vary depending on which course you enrol into. The great thing about us, is that we offer options for everyone – regardless of your current qualifications. This means there are courses you can study without matric! Obtain your professional qualifications with us and improve your CV, boost your credibility and up your skill set. We also offer you: 

  • Online Support 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy with our services
  • World class learning from the comfort of your own home.

Secure Your Spot in the Workplace and Obtain Professional Qualifications. 

Enter the workplace prepared and trained for any challenges that may occur. Enrol into our courses and increase your chances of getting hired, earning more and build your confidence. Contact us today. 

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Last Updated: 20 April 2023



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