Tourism Management Comprehensive Course Breakdown

Thinking of enrolling into our Tourism Management Comprehensive Course? Here is a full breakdown of everything you need to know.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Keen to know what you will learn with our Tourism Management Comprehensive Course? Solidify your career in tourism with us. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English Here you will be introduced to business English. This subject will allow you to effectively communicate in business environments. By this it means you will be taught about presentations, non-verbal communication (body language), work-readiness and meetings.
Tourism Management TM-101 With Tourism Management TM-101 you will receive an introduction to tourism as well as a look into tourism history and the geography of tourism.
First-Aid Concepts With this subject you get a basic understanding of CPR, childhood injuries and HIV. You will also cover environmental emergencies and medical emergencies.
Customer Satisfaction Clearing the barriers: This section of the subject will cover customer relations skills, dealing with difficult people and it will teach you the secret to successful cooperation. Building the foundation:With this section of the subject will teach you problem solving, how to understand your customers and how to identify when the customer isn’t always right. Using the tools:This section will give you cooperation techniques and it will give you tools that will help to build motivation with customer feedback.
Tourism Management TM-102 With this subject you will learn about tourism business, finances in tourism and tourism responsibilities. You will also get an understanding for humans in tourism and marketing tourism business.
Office Management In this subject you will learn about your roles and responsibilities within an office. You will also learn how to improve productivity and about promoting diversity. Office Management will also help you address vital issues within a business setting, these issues include dress code, attendance rules, sexual harassment and staffing.

Study Upgrade

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