Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Are you ready to grow your skill set even more? Become an asset to any company by understanding how to address Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

Course Summary

Award type:
Short Course Certificate
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Not Applicable
3 Months
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Sexual harassment has the potential to be a big reason for unproductivity in the workplace. This means that if it is not addressed, it could impact the company negatively. By completing this course you become an agent against sexual harassment! You will be an asset to any company whether it be to address existing issues or to prevent future problems.


In this module you will dive deep into the meaning of Sexual Harassment. Everyone wants to work in a safe environment which is comfortable. Any form of harassment destroys the workplace for everyone. This is why it is important to understand the process of dealing with it when needed. 


The learning outcomes of this course includes: 


  • Understanding the many forms of sexual harassment and the effects it can have on the workplace.
  • Learning the legal definition of sexual harassment and how the issue is being handled in the courts. 
  • Implementing a sexual harassment policy and harassment-prevention training in the workplace.
  • Investigating and resolving sexual harassment complaints that may arise.
  • Minimizing legal problems when accusers seek assistance from government agencies and the courts. 
  • Addressing unwelcome behaviour and creating a positive, supportive workplace.

Once completed, you will have the knowledge needed to deal with Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Besides being an asset to any business, you will be able to protect your colleagues and make sure there is nothing stopping them from performing at their full potential.