Receptionist Short Course Breakdown

A receptionists communication skills need to be excellent, and this Receptionist short course certificate covers the basic knowledge you need to become an great receptionist.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

This short course is packed with subjects that lay a good foundation for your career as a receptionist. 

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English English language skills are important to have in almost every industry. That’s why we offer Introduction to Business English. After completion you will be more confident in your speaking and writing ability.
Office Communication Being able to communicate with your team effectively and clearly is important to save time and get the work done. The communication needs to be direct to reduce confusion and improve efficiency.
Excellence in Service: Basic Gain knowledge on the basics of Customer Service. Customer service skills are essential to have in your desired career field. This subject will teach you how to communicate with different types of cutsomers.

Study Upgrade

This course lays the foundation of the receptionist career. Or take our certificate course to gain more skills and knowledge that will help you in your career.