Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns

Your dealings with SARS could be either a big advantage or a big disadvantage. Learn how to submit personal and business tax returns in the most effective way.

Course Summary

Award type:
Short Course Certificate
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Not Applicable
3 Months
Entrance Requirement:


This module consists of three phases. Each phase takes you through different steps regarding payroll and your monthly tax returns. In this module you will learn how to submit your tax returns to SARS and how a business submits their tax returns. 

This module also teaches you about bookkeeping, VAT returns, VAT calculations and VAT supply categories. 

Key concepts that are covered in this module include: 


  • Basic bookkeeping.
  • The theory of VAT.
  • VAT supply categories (taxable and non-taxable supplies).
  • VAT calculations.
  • VAT returns.
  • Identify and solve problems relating to employee records and contracts and how the data will affect payslip, using critical and creative thinking.