N6 Financial Management Course

Once you have completed this certificate and your 18 months of practical experience you will become incredibly employable. You will have many opportunities to find a job.

Course Summary

Award type:
National N Certificate
Accredited by:
Department of Higher Education and Training
36 Months
Entrance Requirement:
Matric or Equivalent


This course aims to teach you the basic principles of  accounting. You will gain data entry skills, cashbook and bank reconciliation. Along with these great skills you will also learn about partnership, public and private companies. 

In this subject you will learn about the necessary background of Pastel Payroll and Pastel Accounting. This will give you the skill to do computerised accounting . 

Entrepreneurship will offer you a different aspect to starting your own business. It will provide you with the basic knowledge of running and owning a business. Along with that great skill you will also learn how to draw up a business plan.

This subject will give you the knowledge to know when a product is profitable or not. With this knowledge you will then be able to give your management a logical analysis report.