N5 Marketing Management Breakdown

Have you completed your Marketing Management N4 and would like to upgrade your qualification. Then Marketing Management N5 is just the course for you.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Want to learn more about the Marketing Management course? Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Subject Description
Entrepreneurship and Business Management N5 As a Marketer you need to understand the business world. This is the perfect subject to teach you that. After completing Entrepreneurship and Business Management N5 you will be able to identify the different Marketing strategies used by companies and how business operations work.
Marketing Management N5 No marketer will be a marketer without the knowledge about marketing. Marketing Management N5 course work makes sure you have all the knowledge to thrive in a marketing environment with all the right skills and knowledge.
Sales Management N5 A big part of marketing is conversion. So understanding the sales cycle is one of the key pieces of information a marketer needs to know. Sales Management N5 teaches you about the sales cycle and how it works.
Computer Practice N5 Upgrading your computer skills is a plus in any industry. It can promote your career and business. Then it should come as no surprise that Computer Practice N5 is an essential for Marketing. This subject teaches you a bit more in depth the workings of a computer for professional use.
Marketing Management N4 Learn all the basics about Business Management and how to make a business plan. Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4 lays the foundation to becoming a successful entrepreneur or intrapreneur in and for any business.
Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4 After completing Marketing Management N4 you will be able to identify and understand the various markets, consumer behaviour and marketing strategies. This sets a good basis to build on and learn more about Marketing Management.
Management Communication N4 Communication is key to any business. Knowing how to effectively and professionally communicate with your team and customers can make or break your career. Upon completion of Management Communication N4 you will have learned the theory and practical skills of communication.
Computer Practice N4 In the digital age being computer literate is essential. With Digital Marketing on the rise you need a good understanding of the basic tools and functions of the computer. Computer Practice N4 does just that. Teaches you all the needed skills and functions of the computer.

Study Upgrade

You can upgrade your N5 qualification with a N6 course. This will allow you to do the 18 months practical training and receive your diploma.