N5 Educare Breakdown

If you would like to learn more about the educational psychology and daycare communications of young children, then this N5 Educare course is for you.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

The following subjects will give you an indepth look into your career. These subjects were carefully selected to give you as much knowledge as possible. 

Subject Description
Educare Didactics N4 This subject will teach you about educational toys, lesson planning as well as creative activities. You will also learn about baby activities and methods on how to take observations.
Child Health N4 In Child Health N4 you will learn about the general importance of health for a young child, nutrition of a young child which will include information on breastfeeding, an introduction to solid foods and nutritional problems.
Education N4 This course will give you the theoretical skills to confidently prepare for your exams and pass them successfully. In the subject you will prepare to give students the correct support.
Day Care Personnel Development N4 With this subject you will learn about the daycare system in South Africa and facility standards. You will also go through human development, interviews, self-image development and much more.
Educare Didactics N5 With this subject you will learn how to work with children in all stages of their development. You will also learn how to be creative and create appropriate playrooms and classroom entertainment.
Entrepreneurship and Business Management N5 This subject will teach you how to start your own business and it will give you the skills to draw up a business plan.
Educational Psychology N5 Here you will learn various learning theories. As well as how to spot school readiness and different modes of childcare delivery.
Daycare Communication N5 Throughout this course you are taught different forms of communication. The purpose of this subject is to show you the importance of effective communication in the daycare environment.

Study Upgrade

You are almost at the finish line. That’s right you are just one course away from receiving your national diploma. Continue onto our N6 Educare course and get your diploma in no time.