N5 Business Management Breakdown

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What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

In order to d the subjects of this course you will first have to successfully complete the subjects from the N4 Business Management Course. Want to know which subject Here is what you can learn during your N5 Business Management course. 

Subject Description
Management Communication N4 Management Communication N4 teaches students all about the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. After completion, you will have knowledge regarding acceptable norms and ethics in the workplace. This subject will improve your overall communication, social interaction, and help you build interpersonal relationships.
Introductory Accounting N4 Learn the basics of accounting theory with Introductory Accounting N4. After completion, you will know more about business trading principles. You will also know more about subsidiary journals and general ledgers.
Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4 Get a taste of what’s to come for your and your business. This course will teach you about the different struggles entrepreneurs may face. You will also learn how to set up a business plan and the process of creativity and ideation.
Computer Practice N4 Computer literacy is a transferable skill that could help you in just about any industry. Learn the basics in this course to help you become more confident in your ability.
Entrepreneurship and Business Management N5 This second level course will further broaden your knowledge on Entrepreneurship and Business Management. You will learn more decision making, management, labour relations and more.
Sales Management N5 Learn more about personal selling and how to predict sales in this exciting subject. The theoretical information you learn here you can apply in your daily life as a business manager.
Public Relations N5 Your business’ reputation matters. Learn all about reputation management and gain skills such as social and interpersonal skills. With this subject you will learn more about the PR Process, internal communication and media relations.
Computer Practice N5 Further develop your computer skills. This valuable skill will help you increase your productivity and help you perform your daily tasks.

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