Microsoft Office 2010: Certificate Course Breakdown

This course teaches you advanced Microsoft office techniques. This breakdown is detailing what you may expect to learn from the course.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Here’s what you can expect to learn with this Microsoft Office 2010: Certificate Course: 

Subject Description
Microsoft Office 2010: Basics This subjects teaches basic functions like navigation, selection, editing, formatting, tables and styles to create, proofread and print text documents, envelopes and labels.
Microsoft Excel 2010: Basic Learn how to enter and edit data, modify and format a worksheet, use basic functions, print, create charts, manage large workbooks, implement lists, tables, SmartArt, macros, templates and web functions.
Microsoft Word 2010: Advanced This subject teaches you how to use the basic functionalities in a more advanced way, manage document revisions, use mail merge, objects and backgrounds, forms, macros, toolbar customisation as well as XML features.
Microsoft Excel 2010: Advanced Learn advanced formatting, charting and editing techniques as well as using more advanced functions for auditing, documenting, tables, list management, PivotTables and PivotCharts and import and export purposes.

Study Upgrade

On completion of this course, you can go ahead and enrol for the Microsoft Office 2010: Comprehensive Course and other microsoft courses that we offer.