Medical Office Receptionist: Comprehensive Course

This course fully rounds out your understanding of the field, granting you a more complete understanding and enabling you to be the best receptionist you can be.

Course Summary

Award type:
Comprehensive Certificate
Accredited by:
Not Applicable
12 Months
Entrance Requirement:


Learn how to effectively communicate in an office through verbal and non verbal communication. You will also learn how to communicate successfully during meeting and presentations.

This subject teaches you how to successfully communicate face-to-face with clients and customers. You will learn how to present yourself in a professional manner that will build valued relationships, not only between clients and  customers, but employees as well.

Even within a medical office, there are admin duties that need to completed. This subject will teach you how to deal with admin within a medical environment to ensure that daily duties run smoothly.

When you are working as a receptionist in a medical office, you will need to have knowledge on the human body. This will allow you to help clients with queries or when completing medical documents and administrative duties.

This subject will give you more knowledge on medical practices used in the medical field. As a medical receptionist, having medical knowledge will help you complete daily duties effectively.

As a medical receptionist, not only do you have to fulfill your admin duties. you will also need to help medical professionals in the office. This subject gives you more in depth knowledge on various medical practices that will allow you to help both medical professionals, as well as complete your day-to-day duties effectively.

No need to be confused by scientific and medical terms anymore. This subject will teach you the common medical terminology used in the medical field. This will help you in completing admin duties accurately in the office.