Managerial Leadership

The leadership of an organisation often determines how successful the organisation becomes. Learn how to become a successful and competent leader.

Course Summary

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Short Course Certificate
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Not Applicable
3 Months
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An organisaition cannot function without proper leadership and management. This module aims to explain the role leadership plays and how important it is that the staff of a company work together towards achieving a common goal. 

A big part of the success of an organisation relies on having the same vision and mission. Employee roles within a company should be clearly defined and channels of communication should be open at all times. It’s also the responsibility of those in charge to use employee expertise within the organisation correctly. Motivating employees and helping them through changes is also essential in ensuring that they perform well in whatever role they are in. 

The key concepts covered in this module include: 

  • Leading With a Vision 
  • Making Vision a Reality
  • Defining Employee Roles and Priorities 
  • Employing Motivational Strategies 
  • Planning for Change 
  • Motivating Employees Through Change 
  • Coping Through a Change Process