Junior Bookkeeper Course: ICB National Certificate Breakdown

Do you want to be a renowned bookkeeper someday? find all the information you need about the Junior Bookkeeper Course: ICB National Certificate right here.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Let’s have a look at what completing this course will teach you:

Subject Description
Business Literacy This teaches the basic concepts of numeracy. Here you will learn about business numeracy tools such as doing fractions, percentages, proportions, equations, interests and graphs.
Introduction to Business English As the name suggests, this module introduces you to business english. This is where you learn communication skills in a business and learn professionalism. It is very important to understand how to communicate in your business to improve profitability.
Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (BKTB) This module is your first and most basic introduction to bookkeeping. You will learn about how to record income, receipts, payments and expenses in a business. You’ll also learn how to balance books and financial business transactions.
Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns Here is where you get introduced into how to disclose the profits and financial position of a business. You also learn how to do business tax returns and payroll tax.
Computerised Bookkeeping It is important that you learn basic computer programmes to be able to do bookkeeping effectively. This is where this module comes in. You will learn basic PC concepts, microsoft word and pastel accounting.

Study Upgrade

Learning wigh the ICB provides endless opportunities of more learning and recognition. After you have completed your course, you can register as a professional body on ICBA. Or even use your qualification to get a university degree!