Introduction to Personal Computers Using Microsoft Windows 10 Breakdown

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Keen to know what you will learn with our Introduction to Personal Computers using Microsoft Windows 10? Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Subject Description
Accessing Windows 10 Learn how to get started with Windows 10. This subject teaches you how to navigate the Windows 10 desktop, as well as how to use the start menu.
Using Windows Universal Apps and Desktop Applications This subject will teach you how to use various Windows apps and desktop applications. You will also learn how to multitask with open apps and install apps from the Windows store.
Working with Files and Folders​ Learn how to manage files and folders with File Explorer. This subject also teaches you how to store and share files using OneDrive.
Using Cortana and Edge This subject teaches you all about Cortana, which acts as a personal assistant. Learn how to use Cortana and browse the web with Edge.
Customizing the Windows 10 Environment Learn how to customise the start menu, as well as the desktop and lock-screen. This can be done according to the colours and pictures that you prefer to use.
Installing and Removing Devices This subject will teach you all about installing and removing devices such as keyboards, a mouse and printers. Also learn how to manage these different devices.
Using Windows 10 Security Features Learn all about the Windows 10 security features to make sure that you know how to protect your device from viruses. This subject will also teach you about managing passwords and privacy levels.

Study Upgrade

The great thing about our courses are that there is always room to improve your skills. Once you have completed the Introduction to Personal Computers using Windows 10, why not move onto some of our more advanced computer courses to build on the knowledge you already have.